SpiceJet Hires Jet Airways Staff Following Airline’s Collapse

In the aftermath of Jet Airways’ collapse, it is easy to mourn an airline and move on. However, for former staff members, it can be a shocking turn of events that can lead to instability, anxiety, and loss of confidence. There is a little silver lining to this story. It seems like some of Jet Airways’ former staff will soon have a new employer in SpiceJet.

SpiceJet Hires Jet Airways Staff Following Airline’s Collapse
Some former Jet Airways cabin crew will soon be working for SpiceJet. Photo: Jet Airways

SpiceJet’s new hires

SpiceJet has already hired over 500 former Jet Airways staff. This is an impressive number and includes about 100 pilots, just over 200 cabin crew members, and around 200 ground staff.

In addition, SpiceJet has indicated they intend to hire in the future. For their future hiring practices, those who were once employed at Jet Airways prior to collapse will be prioritized. This should hopefully ease some of the blow for Jet’s former staff.

SpiceJet’s expansion

SpiceJet eagerly swooped in to take over much of Jet Airways’ place in the market. They’ve already taken some 737-800s that once flew for Jet and seem interested in taking more. By taking over some of Jet’s planes and staff, it reduces the need for SpiceJet to conduct additional hiring and training which can be a long process. SpiceJet can now expand rapidly to fill in the wide gap left by Jet Airways.

SpiceJet Hires Jet Airways Staff Following Airline’s Collapse
SpiceJet will use some former Jet Airways 737s for their expansion. Photo: Nisarg Vyas/Wikimedia

What will happen to the rest of Jet Airways’ former employees?

Jet Airways employed thousands of people. No single airline could absorb all of Jet Airways’ staff, even through a merger. Undoubtedly, there are many positions that would be redundant through a merger.

It is highly unlikely that any one airline would absorb all of Jet’s former employees. Air India already has a large and inefficient staff operation. Other low-cost carriers like IndiGo and GoAir may take few of Jet’s staff. They primarily operate A320 family aircraft, which Jet Airways did not. This means they would likely only take some management or ground positions that are irrespective of aircraft operating type.

SpiceJet Hires Jet Airways Staff Following Airline’s Collapse
IndiGo is the largest domestic airline by market share in India. Photo: BriYYZ/Wikimedia


This is a sad time for former Jet Airways’ staff. Although their employment future seems unstable, there will hopefully be new avenues for them to pursue their careers. Some may find additional training beneficial to join one of Jet’s former rivals, while others may leave the industry entirely in pursuit of further education or other fields.

We hope that all of Jet’s former employees can find a new career path that will let them continue to grow. The Indian aviation market isn’t slowing down. Hopefully, many of them can find other gainful employment.

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