May The Force Be With You – 6 Great Star Wars Aircraft Liveries

Today is the 4th of May, or to many fans, Star Wars day. For those who may be wondering why, May the fourth sounds a lot like “may the force [be with you]”, a famous Star Wars quotation. To celebrate this wonderfully sci-fi day, we decided to take a look at six great Star Wars liveries.

Star Wars Airplanes
Quite a few planes from different carriers wear Star Wars liveries. Photo: Vincenzo Pace – Simple Flying

All Nippon Airways

What better way to start than with All Nippon Airways? The Japanese carrier has taken a liking to Star Wars. Three of its aircraft currently have special liveries based on three of the movie franchise’s characters.

JA873A is a four-year-old Boeing 787-9. The aircraft currently wears a special livery that is based on the character R2-D2. According to data from Planespotters, this aircraft was delivered in its Star Wars livery. The aircraft last flew on the 30th of April from Vietnam to Japan, according to

Star Wars, ANA, Livery
An ANA Boeing 787 has worn this R2-D2 livery since September 2015. Photo: blackqualis via Flickr

JA789A is another ANA aircraft with a Star Wars livery, this time a Boeing 777. This aircraft’s unique colors are based on another character BB-8. JA789A was delivered to ANA in 2010. However, it only got its Star Wars paint scheme in 2016, according to Planespotters.

Star Wars, Star Wars Day, Aircraft Liveries
This ANA aircraft represents BB-8. Photo: TJDarmstadt via Flickr

Last but not least, on the ANA Star Wars front is, of course, C-3PO. This mainly yellow scheme adorns a Boeing 777-200ER jet registered as JA743A. While this aircraft was delivered in 2013, it didn’t get its paint scheme until 2017, according to Planespotters.

Star Wars, Star Wars Day, Aircraft Liveries
Last but not least is ANA’s C-3PO jet. Photo: Masahiro TAKAGI via Flickr

United Airlines

Possibly the most well known in North America of all of the Star Wars aircraft is United Airline’s Boeing 737, painted back for the release of the film ‘The Rise of Skywalker’. This aircraft, N36272, was delivered to Continental Airlines in 2001, before transferring to United in 2010. This aircraft got its Star Wars livery late last year.

Star Wars, Star Wars Day, Aircraft Liveries
The inside of this aircraft also features a Star Wars touch. Photo: United Airlines

Virgin Atlantic

One of the less visually captivating liveries, though still interesting, is the Virgin Atlantic Millenium Falcon livery. This sees a Boeing 747, G-VLIP, flying around the world with “The Falcon Livery”. Although delivered in 2001, the aircraft received its unique scheme last September.

Star Wars, Star Wars Day, Aircraft Liveries
The Millennium Falcon livery. Photo: Virgin Atlantic

The airline even released a limited-edition supply of its famous salt and pepper shakers to commemorate the occasion!

Star Wars, Star Wars Day, Aircraft Liveries
Virgin Atlantic’s limited edition Star Wars salt and pepper shakers. Photo: Virgin Atlantic


Last but not least in the Star Wars livery saga sees LATAM siding with Darth Vader himself. The South American carrier repainted its Boeing 777, PT-MUA, in the colors of the Dark Side in September 2019. The scheme was, like Virgin Atlantic, to tie in with the Galaxy’s Edge theme park area at Walt Disney World in Florida.

Star Wars, Star Wars Day, Aircraft Liveries
The only livery dedicated to the dark side. Photo: Adam Moreira via Wikimedia

Bonus: The Luftwaffe

To round things off, while not a livery, we couldn’t help but share this fun photo. It depicts a crowd of Star Wars characters standing in front of a military aircraft during German Armed Forces Day in 2019.

Star Wars, Star Wars Day, Aircraft Liveries
A fun photo to end on. Photo: Getty Images

Which Star Wars livery is your favorite? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!