Starlux Airlines Announces Its First Three Destinations

Taiwanese start-up airline Starlux has revealed its first three destinations: Da Nang, Vietnam, Macau and Penang, Malaysia from its hub in Taipei. Its first aircraft, a new Airbus A321neo, is undergoing test flights and will begin operations in January.

Starlux Airlines taking delivery of their first A321neo in Hamburg
Starlux is ready to put its A321neos to work. Photo Starlux Airlines

What are the details?

Starlux, a new carrier-based out of Taiwan with its hub at Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport, has just revealed its first three destinations that it will be operating when it begins services in January. 

According to Flight Global, the airline has decided to begin its flight operations to the following destinations:

  • Macau – Popular gambling and tourist destination near Hong Kong
  • Da Nang, Vietnam – An old french colonial port on the coast of Vietnam, known for its sandy beaches and European culture.
  • Penang, Malaysia – Popular tourist island in the north of Malaysia
The three new routes that Starlux will be operating. Photo: GCmaps

Thus far, it seems the airline is focusing on tourist destinations. This makes sense while Taiwan is in the throes of winter, it will be offering routes to sunny destinations in the south.

It is understood that it will be operating all three routes with three Airbus A321neos, due to be delivered by January next year. Starlux has not officially revealed its scheduling, but hunting around for rumors has revealed that it is planning its first flight on Jan 23, 2020, and it will likely be to Macau.

Furthermore, these three routes are rife with competition

  • For Macau, Starlux will be competing with Air Macau and Tiger Air Taiwan with both competitors flying three times a day.
  • Penang has a daily flight from China Airlines
  • De Nang has a daily from Far Eastern and Jetstar Vietnam.

This means Starlux will have completely different competitors for each of their different sectors; quite a challenge when it comes to marketing!

Starlux Airlines, Airbus A321neo, January Launch
Starlux Airlines will launch flights on the 23rd of January 2020. Photo: Starlux Airlines

What is the airline’s plans from here?

Starlux plans to reveal more destinations following the launch of its maiden voyage, but a rumor from a Chinese website has suggested some potential destinations.

The source mentions Nha Trang, Halong Bay/Van Don, Bangkok, Changmai, Phuket. It seems that in the second round of destinations, the airline is continuing to focus on its South-East Asia tourist destinations.

Following that it is likely to branch north to traffic-heavy Japan.

Eventually, for Japan, it is planning to fly to Okinawa, Osaka, Kyushu, Natori, Sapporo, Hokkaidō, Chubu, and Tokyo Narita. Naturally, this is all rumors and likely conjecture, but exciting if true!

Its fleet is going to be expanded as well, with another seven A321neos to be delivered throughout 2020.

The airline also has five A350-900s and 12 A350-1000s to be delivered, starting next year, which it will use to fly long-haul international routes. These will likely be to Singapore, then Australia, Europe, and the United States. The fleet should be fully completed by 2021.

What do you think of these routes? Any that you want to fly on? Let us know in the comments!