Starlux Airlines Set To Resume Operations In June

Just months after its inaugural flight, Taiwan’s Starlux Airlines was forced to halt operations. However, the airline has now planned its return to the skies for June as the global aviation industry begins to show the green shoots of recovery.

Starlux Airlines, Relaunch Flights, Airbus A321
Starlux has announced plans to relaunch flights. Photo: Starlux Airlines

The launch of Taiwan’s Starlux Airlines was not a quiet affair. Indeed, the airline slowly leaked bits of information about its planned operations from its safety video, to a luxurious cabin interior. However, unbeknownst to the airline’s founders, it couldn’t have been launched at a worse time given the current pickle that the aviation industry is in.

Relaunching services

Before the current crisis, Starlux had launches services on the 23rd of January. At the time of its temporary end of operations, the carrier was serving several short-haul destinations. Currently, it is planning to resume services to two of these, according to Taiwan News. However, the airline’s booking engine appears to disagree.

Flights to Macau will resume on the 1st of June. According to the Starlux booking engine, the first flight has sold out. However, at the time of writing, full-fare tickets were still available from NT$9,908 ($331).

Starlux Airlines, Relaunch Flights, Airbus A321
The airline will initially relaunch flights to Macau. Photo: Starlux Airlines

From the 11th of June, the airline will resume flights to Penang in Malaysia. One way tickers for the first flight are also only available at the full fare of NT$13,436 ($450).

Flights to Cebu in the Philipines are currently on sale from the 1st of July onwards. Unlike the other two routes, basic fares are still available for this route, starting at NT$7,380 ($246).

Finally, flights to Da Nang in Vietnam are also on sale from the 1st of July onwards. Unlike all of the other routes, Saving fares are still available, along with the basic and full fares. The basic fare for the first day of operation is NT$6,086 ($204).

What precautions will be taken?

Starlux today also released a list of service modifications. At present, these are only valid from the 1st of June until the 30th of June. As such, only Penang and Macau flights are currently affected.

Starlux Airlines, Relaunch Flights, Airbus A321
As it grows, Starlux also intends to operate Airbus A350 aircraft. Photo: Airbus

Despite IATA’s guidance that it is not necessary, Starlux will be implementing social distancing on board these flights. Only the window and aisle seats will be utilized. Perhaps this is why only full fare tickets are on sale.

Also, the airline’s WiFi service will be disabled. Finally, the Starlux Galactic lounge will be closed for the time being. In a travel advisory, the airline states:

“Alternatives will be arranged depending on the situation.”

It is great to see that Starlux is pushing forward with a return to the skies despite an unlucky start to operations. We wish the airline all the best with its return to service and growth.

Are you happy to see Starlux resuming operations, or should they wait longer? Let us know what you think and why in the comments!