World’s Unluckiest Airline? Taiwan’s Starlux Suspends Operations

Is Starlux Airlines the world’s unluckiest airline? It seems so as, after just two months of operations, the Taiwanese start-up has suspended services due to the global aviation crisis.

Starlux Airlines, Coronavirus, Flight Suspension
Is Starlux the world’s most unlucky airline? Photo: Starlux Airlines

A year ago I wrote about how Norwegian Airlines appeared to be the unluckiest airline around, following troubles with both its Boeing 787s and 737 MAXs. However, it seems as though Starlux has eclipsed even the bad fortune of Norwegian. Rather than a case of right place, right time, the Taiwanese airline appears to have been born in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Operations suspended

As a result of the ongoing effect of the coronavirus outbreak on the global aviation industry, passenger demand has completely tanked. This has, in turn, caused many airlines to suspend operations for the time being, in the hope that they can cut losses until demand recovers.

According to One Mile At A Time, Starlux Airlines will be grounding its fleet until the end of April. Two weeks ago, we had already reported that Starlux was down to operating just one remaining route. However, from the 21st of March, this last remaining route will be suspended. This will leave the airline grounded.

Starlux Airlines, Coronavirus, Flight Suspension
The airline’s expansion plans involve Airbus A350 aircraft. Photo: Starlux Airlines

1st of May relaunch

Starlux Airlines is currently planning to relaunch with a bang on the 1st of May. According to OMAAT, four daily flights will be resumed on this date should all go to plan. This will consist of:

  • 1 daily flight between Taipei and Penang;
  • 1 daily flight between Taipei and Macau;
  • 2 daily flights between Taipei and Da Nang.

What to expect from a relaunched Starlux Airlines

Thankfully, we already have a great picture of what a relaunched Starlux Airlines will look like. Essentially, the airline will be launched as it was in late January. The focus for Starlux Airlines is on quality, rather than keeping costs down.

You just need to take a look at the airline’s safety video to fully understand this. Rather than a simple video, the end product looks more like a Hollywood animation!

The airline’s livery is also designed to be a symbol of luxury. According to the airline, the color scheme is designed to “add a sense of dignity and luxury.” Meanwhile, the airline’s tail design represents the “boundlessness of dreams and aspirations.

The airline was initially launched with brand new Airbus A321neo aircraft. However, long-haul expansion is on the cards as the airline has 17 Airbus A350s on order, a mix of -900 and -1000 aircraft.

Starlux Airlines, Coronavirus, Flight Suspension
The airline was launched with Airbus A321 aircraft. Photo: Starlux Airlines

Whatever happens, Simple Flying wishes Starlux Airlines all the best with their planned summer relaunch following what some have described as unprecedented times.

Were you able to fly with Starlux Airlines in the last two months? Let us know what you thought of the airline in the comments below!