Starlux Airlines Reveals Exciting New Safety Video

Taiwanese start-up Starlux Airlines has just revealed its exciting new safety video despite not even having taken to the skies.

Over the past few months, we have written several articles about a new Taiwanese airline that is planning to go head to head with China Airlines and EVA Air. Surprisingly the new airline wants to take on Taiwan’s big two not by offering cheap flights, but by offering a better experience for its customers.

Starlux Airlines A321neo
Starlux to take on Air China and EVA Air. Photo: Starlux

With aspirations of becoming the islands leading airline, Starlux Airlines is going upmarket in search of premium paying passengers.

Describing itself as a detail ordinated airline, the company’s slogan is “Born to be luxury shining like the stars.” While this might seem odd when translated into English apparently it makes more sense in Mandarin Chinese.

The Starlux video features interstellar passengers

Despite having no even having sold a single ticket yet the airline has bucked the industry norm by revealing what we think is a totally awesome safety video.

Called “StarWonderers” the video shows interstellar passengers preparing for their flight.

The futuristic video features a cast of animated characters that would look at home in the Will Smith, Tommy Lee Jones movie “Men in Black” with the only normal characters female flight attendants and a passenger who looks like the Australian celebrity chef Curtis Stone.

Many airlines try and add some humor into their safety videos or go for the no-nonsense ‘listen to me’ approach, but the Starlux Airline safety video is more like a cartoon that you want to watch as you don’t know what’s coming next.

We think that it is visually stunning and a clever approach to a safety video that will keep your attention.

Starlux will be flying new Airbus A321neos

Gearing itself up for an early 2020 launch, Starlux Airlines has taken delivery of its first of ten Airbus A321neos that it plans to deploy on routes within Asia.

The first routes Starlux Airlines will fly are from Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport (TPE) in Taipei to Macau International Airport (MFM), Da Nang International Airport (DAD) and Penang International Airport (PEN).

Starlux selects tourist destinations for its first flights. Photo: GCmaps

The former Portuguese colony of Macau is now a Chinese autonomous region close to Hong Kong famous for its casinos and shopping malls.

Da Nang is a former French Colonial city located in the center of Vietnam and is renowned for its beautiful sandy beaches.

Penang is a Malaysian island located in the Straits of Malacca and is known for its British Colonial architecture and Chinese influence.

Starlux will start to fly long-haul routes once its Airbus A350s arrive

The interesting fact here is that Starlux Airlines has chosen three tourist destinations for its January 2020 launch of service, rather than the high-yielding business destinations we assumed the airline would target.

Starlux has stylish uniforms. Photo: Starlux

Following the Southeast Asian routes, Starlux Airlines will start operating long-haul flights to other destinations once it receives its first of nine Airbus A350-900s and eight Airbus A350-1000s.

It will be interesting to see what kind of ticket prices Starlux Airlines will have but so far from what we have seen, they appear to be sparing no expense in their plan to be Taiwan’s go-to airline.

Be sure and check out the safety video and tell us what you think of it in the comments section.