Startup Airline Bamboo Airways Adds Its First Airbus A319 Ready For Launch

Bamboo Airways has taken delivery of its first aircraft. The A319 was delivered on December 15th, and as such, Bamboo now intends to operate its first flight on 27th December according to CH-Aviation. This is two days earlier than Simple Flying last reported in mid-November. Launching this year has been a challenge for the airline. The main factor in this delay has been waiting for a license from the Vietnamese authorities. However, now that the airline has aircraft in its hands, there is theoretically very little that would stop the launch at this late stage in preparations.

Bamboo Airways Launch
Bamboo Airways has received their first A319. Photo: Bamboo Airways

Who Is Bamboo Airways?

Bamboo Airways is a Vietnamese startup airline. The airline is being started by the FLC group, a Vietnamese company which owns a portfolio of holiday destinations in Vietnam. The primary purpose of Bamboo Airways is to connect passengers to FLC group resorts. Simple Flying believes that Bamboo Airways will be a success, given the current state of the tourism industry in Vietnam.

In fact, the tourism industry is growing so rapidly that as a result, the country’s aviation industry has increased by 17.4% over the last decade. However, this is not where it stops. The number of passengers currently being carrier by Vietnamese airlines is expected to increase 16% by 2020, a figure which is already up 16% from 2016.

Bamboo Airways launch
Despite delays, the Bamboo Airways launch is reportedly now just days away.

Huge Goals

Bamboo Airways is not aiming to achieve small things. In fact, the airline expects to operate 100 routes. While this is expected to be a mixture of domestic and international routes, this figure won’t be achieved overnight. While the airline has received its first A319, it is soon expected to receive an A320 previously operated by Silk Air. Both of these aircraft will be dry leased.

In order to achieve its goal of 100 routes, the FLC Group has ordered 20 Boeing B787-9 aircraft. Additionally, the airline should acquire 24 A321neo aircraft in a deal worth $3.2 billion. Airbus is expected to deliver the first A321 in January. Following the downfall of Primera Air earlier this year, a number of delivery slots have opened up. As such, Bamboo Airways’ first A321neo is expected to be handed over on January 1st.

First Flight Days Away

Bamboo Airways Launch
Bamboo Airways is now expected to operate its first flight to Quy Nhon. Photo: Bamboo Airways

The first scheduled flight for Bamboo Airways is now just days away. Contrary to previous reports, sources now believe the Bamboo Airways launch flight will operate from Hanoi to Quy Nhon. At the time of writing, Simple Flying was unable to find any Bamboo Airways flights available to book. Additionally, CH-Aviation reports that the airline is still awaiting an Air Operator’s Certificate. Simple Flying attempted to contact Bamboo Airways to request clarification, however, all emails bounced.

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