Startup Airline Starlux Is About To Commit To Buying 17 New Airbus A350’s

Starlux recently put in an order to buy a total of 17 new Airbus A350 model airplanes. The aircraft will be the latest addition to Starlux’s all Airbus fleet. The planes are expected to be delivered between 2021 and 2024.

Order Confirmation

The official launch date for the Starlux airline is approaching, and it is still preparing for its inaugural flights. Starlux recently submitted an order to buy 17 more Airbus jets to add to their fleet. The total amount of planes to be delivered includes two different models: the A350-1000 and A350-900.

The Airbus A350-1000 is a larger model of the airplane and is expected to be delivered starting Q3 in 2022. The company ordered 12 of this model. The Airbus A350-900 is a smaller model, of which Starlux will be acquiring five. These planes will be delivered sooner, as early as late 2021. While these planes won’t be delivered in time for the Starlux’s launch, it’s a much-needed aircraft for the benefit of Starlux’s operations.

The Airbus A350 models will complement the complete Airbus fleet. It’s expected that the plane will mainly be used for transpacific flights. Even the chairman of Starlux, Chang Kuo-Wei, is excited to the recent order. He stated, “As a pilot myself, I personally experienced the test-flight of the A350-1000. Its outstanding performance really amazed me.”

The former EVA Air chairman is a rated Boeing 777 pilot, so he knows a bit about airplane performance and efficiency. The A350 models were the best fit to continue to establish the new brand around.

Plans for Starlux

Airline startup Starlux is positioning itself as a choice airline for high-income passengers seeking a comfortable luxury experience while flying. The A350 aircraft will satisfy the mission based on flight efficiency and amenities that the plane allows Starlux to offer.

Starlux was founded in 2018 by Chang, and the first revenue flights are expected to begin in 2020. The airline is based in Taiwan where they are currently buildings a centre next to the Taipei Taoyuan Airport. The centre will be a hub for the airline for managing the fleet, operations, and customer relations. The Starlux hub will support the inaugural route of the airline, from Taipei to Hong Kong. The official routes aren’t set yet for the new A350 planes, but they will most likely be used for other route destinations.

The company is hastily establishing its team and operations ahead of the launch. Currently, staff recruiting includes a group of 13 pilots who are headed for training shortly, 120 open vacancies, and over 8000 staff to fill the new centre.

Starlux orders in Airbus planes for its new fleet
The birth of a new airline Starlux

Purchasing new airplanes for the fleet is part of the airline preparations. The A350 models aren’t expected till the airline is already operational so other aircraft are expecting delivery much sooner. The A321neo models will also be included in the Starlux fleet. The company recently leased 10 of these planes. Delivery will begin this October with the last being delivered Summer 2022.