Wow: TikTok User Cooks Steak In Plane Lavatory

This week, a TikTok user garnered attention for appearing to cook a steak while in an aircraft lavatory. The public has subsequently questioned the actions of the person amid health and safety concerns.

Silhouette landing heathrow
The incident on the aircraft (not pictured) has caused plenty of discussion, leaving several people querying the activity of the passenger. Photo: Getty Images

Catching the attention of the industry

According to Johnny Jet, Southwest Airlines retweeted a user named Chelsea Boot Stan Account, who shared the video. The footage is reportedly from a now-deleted TikTok video by Marcus Monroe, an actor from New York. He is also a serial prankster.

The video kicks off with a caption stating, “They don’t have hot meals anymore on airplanes, so I came up with a solution.” The person in the clip then lights a fire in the toilet of the lavatory. He then places an aluminum grilling sheet on top of the seat before putting a steak on the surface and adding a splash of white wine. He then transfers the piece of meat to a plate with a bit of garnish before proceeding to walk with the meal to the cabin.

Southwest has since deleted its tweets regarding the video. However, the Texan carrier pleaded for passengers never to try and to attempt the actions in the video.

Southwest 737
Southwest has warned passengers against replicating such activity. Photo: Getty Images

A hoax?

The video got several Twitter users heated for the irresponsible nature of it. Ultimately, cooking steak in the lavatory of a commercial plane has countless health and safety risks.

Subsequently, Southwest tweeted an update that the content in the video was an illusion. The airline said that Monroe let it know that the video is fake. Nonetheless, the company reiterated that people can’t cook steak in a lavatory before reminding passengers to wear a mask.

Whether real or not, creating such content could have dangerous implications. Some members of the public may feel inspired to recreate such a stunt, and it could go wrong. So, it’s not a surprise that Southwest has since taken down its tweets regarding the video.

This is not the first stunt involving an aircraft that Monroe has conducted. The actor once shared a video that saw a woman’s hair being cut while asleep on a plane. This video was nonetheless was more obviously set up.

Aircraft Silhouette Storm
There has also been other plane-related content created from the actor. Photo: Getty Images

Caution is needed

Altogether, the globe is going through a serious health crisis, and the airline industry is facing significant challenges amid government and public concerns. So, there understandably needs to be mindfulness when it comes to stunts involving aircraft. Even under normal circumstances, there would be sensitivity regarding a video showing someone cooking in an aircraft lavatory.

What are your thoughts about this video that is being shared online? Do you think that it has risky connotations, or is it just a harmless stunt? Let us know what you think of the situation in the comment section.