Notification & Email List Queries

This page contains a series of guides on our most common requests regarding receiving emails and notifications from Simple Flying.

By reading the relevant guide, you can most likely solve your issue, and you will not need to wait for us to respond to an email.

This page contains the following guides:

  • Guide 1: Stop push notifications.
  • Guide 2: How to unsubscribe from our email list/newsletter.
  • Guide 3: Change your email address for our newsletter.

Guide 1: Stop push notifications

If you have subscribed to desktop push notifications from Simple Flying and would like to stop them, follow this simple guide below:

  1. Please navigate to our homepage: 
  2. On the far bottom left of the page, look for the bell icon.
  3. Click on the bell icon and click ‘unsubscribe.’
  4. Once you have clicked ‘unsubscribe,’ you won’t get a notification again unless you opt-in again.
  5. You can opt-in again at any time.

Guide 2: How to unsubscribe from our email list/newsletter

  1. If you want to unsubscribe from receiving our daily aviation news digest, you will find a clear unsubscribe link at the bottom of every email we send:
  2. Click on this link, and you will be automatically unsubscribed from our daily aviation news digest.
  3. You can sign up again anytime at 

Guide 3: Change your email address for our newsletter

To change your email address where you receive our daily aviation news digest, please:

  1. Follow guide two, and unsubscribe your current email address.
  2. Sign up using your new email address here: 

Still, facing issues? Contact us!

If you face any issues with the above, please use the general contact form by clicking here.