You Won’t Believe How Many Aircraft Have Been Stored

The data on the number of stored aircraft is staggering. As of March 25th, aviation data analysts Cirium are reporting over 6,600 stored aircraft, with the numbers continuing to grow.

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Over 6,600 aircraft are currently stored per data from Cirium. Photo: Getty Images

The number of stored aircraft

6,639 aircraft are currently stored. Although, this number is expected to grow as airlines wind down operations even further. The volatility of the current situation means the numbers are changing every day.

Delta jets
Delta is continuing to park aircraft– expecting a total of almost 600 grounded aircraft. Photo: Delta Air Lines

Currently, there 2,542 Boeing aircraft stored. 1,671 are narrowbody aircraft and 871 are widebodies. Here is the breakdown by type:

Lufthansa, Grounded Aircraft, Berlin Brandenburg Airport
A number of Lufthansa Airbus A320 family aircraft are parked at Berlin Brandenburg Airport. Photo: Getty

There are 2,608 parked Airbus aircraft. 1,837 of these are narrowbody aircraft. Meanwhile, 771 are widebodies.

  • 33 Airbus A220s
  • 11 A300s
  • 8 A310s
  • 23 A318s
  • 338 A319s
  • 948 A320s
  • 112 A320neos
  • 325 A321s
  • 58 A321neos
  • 467 A330s
  • 18 A330neos
  • 117 A340s
  • 66 A350s
  • 84 A380s
Lufthansa, Grounded Aircraft, Berlin Brandenburg Airport
Geneva Airport is home to some parked SWISS A220s. Photo: Getty Images

A decline in flight hours

Cirium also tracked flight data for aircraft that are in service. For example, on Monday, March 23rd, Airbus A330s around the world operated just under 600 flights using 300 aircraft. This is about a total of 3,000 flight hours. Compared to March 16th, this was a 50% decline. However, in comparison to March 25th, 2019 (one year ago), the numbers from 2020 show a whopping 70% decline in the number of active aircraft and a massive 80% reduction in daily hours and cycles.

Delta Aircraft
The data on A330 aircraft show that airlines are flying them a lot less than they were a year ago. Photo: Simple Flying

Not to be left out, the Boeing 777 also saw some unfortunate numbers. Comparing March 22nd to March 15th, the 777’s total number of hours and flight cycles declined by about one-third. Combined, there were 1,200 fewer flight cycles and a reduction of 8,000 flight hours between the two dates. On the 22nd, there were fewer than 700 777s flying.

Boeing 777
Airlines are taking more 777 aircraft out of service. Photo: Simple Flying

Where are airlines storing these aircraft?

The airline industry is in uncharted territory with so many airlines seeking a place for so many stored aircraft. As a result, both airlines and airports are getting creative. A number of major airports, including Hartsfield Jackson in Atlanta and Paris Charles de Gaulle, are closing runways to store aircraft. Meanwhile, other airlines are using closed airports to store aircraft. And, there are some airports with additional apron and storage space where airlines can temporarily park planes.

cathay pacific flights getty images
Airports are parking some aircraft on unused aprons, taxiways, and even runways. Photo: Getty Images


The number of parked aircraft around the world will continue to rise. Airlines are anticipating offering fewer and fewer flights as people are staying home and governments are adding travel restrictions. On March 25th, over 6,600 aircraft around the world were stored.

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