Red Wings Sukhoi Superjet Overruns The Runway In Russia

Earlier today, a Sukhoi Superjet operated by Russian leisure airline Red Wings overran the runway when landing in Belgorod. No passengers were injured, and the aircraft seems to have sustained only minor damage. Passengers onboard the flight say that the plane was ‘tossed about’ but that everyone remained relatively calm. Rosaviatsia has launched an investigation into the incident.

Red Wings Sukhoi SSJ-100
A Sukhoi Superjet belonging to Russian carrier Red Wings overshot the runway on Monday morning. Photo: Red Wings

It was a dramatic start to the week for passengers and crew onboard Red Wings flight WZ387 from Moscow Domodedovo to Belgorod just north of the Ukrainian border. When landing at 10:41 local time, the airline’s Sukhoi Superjet SSJ 100-95LR overran the runway. The Aviation Herald stated it overshot by about 110 meters (350 feet).

Meanwhile, official law enforcement sources told TASS it was closer to 40 meters (131 feet). No matter the exact distance, the aircraft ended with all of its gear on soft ground. Passengers were evacuated by the airport’s fire services without any injuries reported.

“None of the passengers and crew members were injured. The Federal Air Transport Agency commission is engaged in clarifying the causes of the accident, in which the airline’s employees are involved,” a Red Wings spokesperson shared with the news agency.

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Traffic to the airport not affected

The aircraft in question, a 3.1-year-old SSJ 100-95LR registered as RA-89122, seems to have gotten away with minor damages but has not yet returned to the air. The return flight, scheduled for 11:25 local time, has yet to depart from Belgorod. Meanwhile, traffic to and from Belgorod Airport has continued, with another 20 flights scheduled throughout the day.

Red Wings SSJ100
The aircraft in question remains on the ground in Belgorod. Photo: Red Wings

No panic on the plane

According to one passenger interviewed by, the atmosphere on board the plane remained calm, despite the aircraft shaking quite violently after leaving the paved runway. Fire services arrived at the aircraft’s location, and people could leave via a mobile stairway about 25 minutes after landing.

“I was looking out the window, and as we were landing, I realized we were flying too far over the runway. There was a very heavy landing, and the plane shook a lot. Then there was a very sharp jump, and we drove out into the field, shaken and tossed about in different directions. In general, there was no panic onboard. People were all calm but didn’t really understand what was happening,” the woman named Alina told reporters.

Red Wings SSJ100
No passenger was injured and eyewitness reports state everyone remained calm throughout the incident. Photo: Dmitry Ryazanov via Wikimedia Commons

Not the first Red Wings runway incident

This is not the first time a Red Wings SSJ enjoys a little runway excursion this winter. In November last year, an aircraft registered as RA-89138 was operating a flight from Chelyabinsk to Norilsk in Siberia when it veered off the runway and skidded to a halt after about 30 meters (98.5 feet). At that time, however, heavy Siberian snowfall was to blame.

Have you ever been on a plane that has come off the runway? What was the mood on board like during the incident? Share your experience in the comment section below.