Sun Country Passengers Not Told About 3 Cancelled Flights

Sun Country Airlines passengers were left stranded on Saturday, after the Minneapolis based airline failed to tell them about three canceled flights.

sun country airlines
Sun Country leaves passengers stranded after canceling flights. Photo: Sun Country.

Passengers were slamming Sun Country Airlines for canceling flights without any notice leaving them stranded at airports on Saturday. Sun Country Airlines canceled three flights, without telling passengers that they would need to make alternative arrangements.

Passengers say that it wasn’t until they arrived at the counter that they realized there wasn’t a flight. Sun Country never emailed or called passengers, they say, and there was no announcement at the airport to let them know that their flights had been canceled.

Passengers had to make their own alternative arrangements

One passenger, Janet Niemi told Fox News9 that she was desperate to fly out of Newark Liberty Airport. This was due to receiving a call to tell her that her mother was dying and that there was not much time left if she wanted to be there.

Sun Country Airlines
Passengers left to make their own arrangements after Sun Country cancels flights. Photo: Sun Country.

It wasn’t until she arrived at the airport that she learned that her Sun Country flight to Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport had been canceled without any notification or explanation.

“I said, ‘Hey I need to get home my mother is passing and I need to get on your next flight’ and she says, ‘We can’t do anything at the counter—all we can do is check in and check out,’” said Niemi.

An agent at the ticket counter handed her a piece of paper with a telephone number on it, telling her to call it and be patient. After several attempts and nothing but a busy signal she gave up and booked a flight with Southwest Airlines.

Another booked passenger, Alycia Koziara was trying to get back home after a trip to New York City with her mother. She said, “The TSA agent told us it was canceled and so we went back down to the Sun Country counter to see what was going on and they were gone,”

Koziara and her mother ended up paying $150 for an UBER ride to Philadelphia International Airport where they were able to catch a Delta flight to Minneapolis for $400 each.

Sun Country apologizes to passengers

The airline is now apologizing to passengers saying there was a problem with their communication system. The airline is giving all passengers who were affected by the cancellations a refund and a $200 voucher good for future travel.

Sun Country says sorry
Sun Country apologizes to passengers after cancellations. Photo: Sun Country

Any passenger on the canceled flights who could not rebook a flight on the same day will have their hotel costs paid by Sun Country. A spokesperson for Sun Country told the Minneapolis Star-Tribune,

“We sincerely apologize to all the passengers on the six flights canceled … This is not the customer experience, we strive to offer or that our guests should expect.”

Computer issues had nothing to do with the cancellations

According to website Live and Let’s Fly, Sun Country Airlines is looking to become a low-cost airline. Apparently, when upgrading their back-end computer system, somebody forget to turn on the notifications to automatically keep passengers aware of their flight status.

Sun Country Airlines
Computers failed to notify passengers but had nothing to do with the cancellations. Photo: Sun Country.

Funnily enough, the computer glitch had nothing to do with the canceled flights. The flight to Newark Liberty was canceled after a United Airlines A319  from La Guardia to Houston had to make an emergency landing in Newark due to hydraulic problems after take-off.

On landing, the plane blew out two tires causing the airport to suspend operations for a short time. Another flight had maintenance problems and was subsequently canceled, while a third flight could not fly due to an issue with crew overtime payments.

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