Sunday Reads: Our Most Notable Stories This Week

Welcome to the 23rd iteration of Simple Flying’s ‘Sunday Reads’ weekly digest! This week saw a host of great stories, including a long-awaited transatlantic route launch.

JetBlue A321LR
JetBlue’s long-awaited transatlantic services have finally commenced. Photo: JetBlue

JetBlue Touches Down In London Heathrow

JetBlue’s transatlantic plans have had people talking for a long time now. Earlier this week, the US airline was finally able to turn these words into actions by operating its inaugural service from New York JFK to London Heathrow. You can read more about it here.

Crazy Stunt: Emirates Flight Attendant Stands On Top Of The Burj Khalifa

The UAE was recently reclassified from the UK’s red list to the less serious amber category. To celebrate this, Emirates filmed an audacious advert which saw a stuntwoman dressed as one of its flight attendants stand on top of the world’s tallest building!

Emirates, Airbus A380, A6-EVO
Emirates is celebrating the UAE being put on the UK’s amber list. Photo: Tom Boon | Simple Flying

Inside Russia’s Concorde – The Tu-144

While the Tupolev Tu-144 didn’t enjoy the supersonic success of Concorde, it remains an interesting aircraft. Simple Flying recently had the opportunity to take a look inside this historic airliner, and you can see the fascinating photos for yourself here.

Tupolev Tu-144
The Tu-144 was the world’s first commercial supersonic airliner. Photo: Sumit Singh | Simple Flying

The World’s Longest Boeing 737 Routes

The aforementioned inaugural JetBlue flight to London Heathrow represents an increasing trend of operating narrowbody aircraft on longer-haul routes. While an Airbus A321LR operated this flight, the Boeing 737 also serves some rather lengthy corridors. Simple Flying recently took a look at the longest of these that are operating this summer.

United MAX
The sole US domestic 737-operated route over 3,000 miles long falls one place outside of the top 10. It is United’s Houston-Anchorage. Photo: Konstantin von Wedelstaedt via Wikimedia Commons

New Air India One Boeing 777 Gets Stuck On Taxiway In Bangalore

An Indian VIP aircraft, known as Air India One, recently got stuck on a taxiway in Bangalore, having made a wrong turn on the ground at the airport. This stranded the luxurious Boeing 777 for hours. You can read more about how the incident unfolded here.

Air India One Boeing 777-300ER
The incident occurred at a military and testing airport. Photo: Ketan Lanke via Wikimedia Commons

Qatar Airways Launches New Multi-Stop A350 African Route

Qatar Airways has killed two birds with one stone by adding a pair of African destinations in a single route. Using the A350, the Qatari carrier will fly from its Doha base to Lusaka, Zambia, before continuing to Harare, Zimbabwe. You can read more about it here.

Qatar Airways has debuted flights to Lusaka and Harare. Photo: Qatar Airways

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