Sunday Reads: Our Most Notable Stories This Week

Welcome to the first December edition of our Sunday Reads weekly digest. As we enter the last month of what has been a turbulent year, there have been several notable stories.

Emirates A380 premium economy review
We had the chance to sample Emirates’ premium economy cabin. Photo: Joanna Bailey | Simple Flying

Review: Emirates A380 Premium Economy

The new premium economy cabin on select Emirates Airbus A380s has been one of the most hotly anticipated products in recent years. While it isn’t quite on sale to the general public yet, Simple Flying had the chance to try it out on our way to the Dubai Airshow.

Why Airbus Has Been Flying A Falcon Jet Right Behind An A350

European planemaker Airbus is presently engaged in a number of sustainability-based projects. One of these involves the use of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF). As a way of measuring the emissions produced by aircraft flying with such fuel, Airbus has been flying a Falcon jet behind an SAF-powered A350 in order to get the best readings possible.

Airbus, A350, Sustainable Fuels
Airbus has been flying a Falcon jet right behind an A350. Photo: S. Ramadier via Airbus

airBaltic To Open A New European Base

At this week’s World Aviation Festival in London, Simple Flying had the chance to sit down one-on-one with airBaltic CEO Martin Gauss. As part of our discussions regarding the Latvian flag carrier’s network, he revealed plans to open a new European base next year, but not in the region that it has traditionally done so. You can find out more about it here.

Sunday Reads: Our Most Notable Stories This Week
airBaltic has interesting network expansion plans for 2022. Photo: Getty Images.

Qatar Airways Rules Out A350F Order Following 777XF Interest

Qatar Airways’ relationship with the Airbus A350 has been experiencing turbulence of late. This has come to a head in terms of potential freighter orders, with its CEO appearing to have ruled it out in favor of the Boeing 777XF. You can read more about this decision here.

Qatar Airways, Airbus A350, Degrading Paint
Qatar Airways has ruled out the A350 freighter. Photo: Airbus

Ascendance Reveals ‘ATEA’ VTOL Aircraft

Toulouse-based startup revealed its concept for a hybrid-electric VTOL-capable air taxi known as ATEA earlier this week. Named after a Polynesian deity, the aircraft is set to enter production in the middle of the decade. You can check out this innovative design here.

Ascendance ATEA
Ascendance’s ATEA takes its name from a Polynesian deity. Photo: Ascendance Flight Technologies

Perfect For The Job: The Airbus A400M’s Role In The Kabul Airlift

As well as checking out the commercial aircraft on display at the Dubai Air Show, Simple Flying also had a look at the Airbus A400M military transporter. While there, we found out all about its role in the Kabul Airlift, where it proved to be the perfect aircraft for the job.

The A400M proved to be a vital tool in the Kabul Airlift operations. Photo: Joanna Bailey | Simple Flying

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