Sunday Reads: Our Most Notable Stories This Week

Welcome to our first weekly round-up for the month of April. We’ve seen a bit of everything in terms of great aviation stories in the last seven days, so let’s get cracking and take a look at some of this week’s most notable articles!

Comlux Boeing 787 Dreamliner
Comlux operated a 20-hour flight from Seoul to Buenos Aires. Photo: Comlux

Comlux 787 Operates 20-Hour Flight

When it comes to ultra-long-haul flights, you’ll do well to find a non-stop sector as long as this one! Simple Flying kicked off the week by covering the story of a privately configured Comlux Boeing 787, which flew from Seoul, South Korea to Buenos Aires, Argentina in one mammoth, 20-hour stint. You can find out more about this transpacific odyssey here.

Rolls-Royce Begins Building The World’s Largest Aircraft Engine

Engine manufacturer Rolls-Royce also started the week in spectacular fashion, by announcing that it had begun constructing its first ‘UltraFan.’ This powerplant will be the world’s largest aircraft engine, with a fan measuring 140 inches (3.5 meters) wide! The company is targeting completion of the demonstrator by the end of the year.

Rolls Royce UltraFan
Rolls-Royce hopes to complete its UltraFan demonstrator by the end of the year. Photo: Rolls-Royce

TAP Operates 10-Hour Airbus A321LR Flight

TAP Air Portugal is an airline that is becoming known increasingly for its long-haul narrowbody operations. Its location in western Europe means that it can easily reach North American destinations with the Airbus A321LR. However, this week, it operated a herculean 10-hour flight with the aircraft that took it all the way from Mozambique to Cape Verde!

TAP conducted a huge 10-hour flight with its A321LR. Photo: Getty Images

Airbus Expands Product Line With The A360

On April 1st, Simple Flying shared an exciting article regarding a new Airbus design with a circular fuselage! The A360’s design was set to tear up the rulebook in this respect, while also being powered by a fuel known as unobtainium. You can read more about this (literally) unbelievable concept here!

Xray image of the top secret A360 project
How many of you did our A360 story catch out? Photo: Getty Images

The Fall Of The Airbus A310

This week also saw the 39th anniversary of the Airbus A310’s first flight. Simple Flying took a look at the history of this short-fuselage version of the A300, and why it declined despite initial prospects. You can find out more about this wide-bodied twinjet here.

The A310 first flew in April 1982. Photo: Airbus

Lufthansa Flight 2222 To Toulouse Leaves Passengers In Hysterics

In these difficult times, a bit of light relief can go a long way. Lufthansa appears to have provided this after a video emerged detailing a tongue-twisting announcement regarding flight LH2222 to Toulouse! Simple Flying took a closer look at this flight, as well as exploring several other amusing flight numbers.

Lufthansa Frankfurt Sunset
In the past, Lufthansa has operated flight LH2222 to multiple destinations. However, one stands out as being particularly amusing. Photo: Getty Images

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