Sunday Reads: Our Most Notable Stories This Week

Another week in the world of commercial aviation is coming to a close. The last seven days have been exciting for Simple Flying, with Wednesday seeing our first webinar, featuring Emirates President Sir Tim Clark. Let’s take a look at some of this week’s most notable stories!

Airbus A380 Getty
The A380’s first flight attracted huge crowds. Photo: Getty Images

The World’s First Airbus A380 Is 16 Years Old

We kicked off the week by looking at what the world’s first Airbus A380, which made its first flight 16 years ago this month, is up to today. You can read more about this special aircraft’s history and current exploits here.

The Boeing Dreamlifter’s Swing Tail Door

Outsize cargo aircraft such as the Airbus Beluga and Boeing Dreamlifter represent some of the most striking planes in the skies today. The latter of these can load larger pieces of cargo in a rather unorthodox way, namely with the help of a swinging tail door. Earlier this week, Simple Flying took a closer look at how this piece of technology works.

Dreamlifter tail
The Dreamlifter has an opening tail section for loading cargo. Photo: Getty Images

The Fall Of The Boeing 757

The Boeing 757 is a fascinating aircraft, but, sadly, one that, with age, is beginning to fall out of favor. Simple Flying explored the history of this pioneering narrowbody twinjet, which you can read all about here.

Boeing produced over 1,000 examples of the 757 in 21 years. Photo: Vincenzo Pace | Simple Flying

Emirates Will Move To DWC Airport

One of the most interesting stories to have arisen during our webinar with Emirates President Sir Tim Clark was the news that Emirates will eventually move to the upcoming Dubai World Central Airport. You can read more about his reasoning for this decision here.

Emirates, Airbus A380, Germany
Sir Tim Clark confirmed that Emirates would move to DWC. Photo: Vincenzo Pace | Simple Flying

Why Boeing Desperately Needs The NMA/797

Looking to the future, we explored why Boeing might like to add the New Midsize Airplane or 797 to its portfolio. This would help it to compete in the middle market, an area that Airbus has already made progress in with its A321XLR. But why is this so important for Boeing?

Sunday Reads: Our Most Notable Stories This Week
Boeing needs a new midsize aircraft. Photo: Getty Images

What Happens To Prototype Aircraft?

Prototype aircraft are a crucial part of developing a new airliner. However, have you ever considered what happens to them after the testing involving them has been completed? Simple Flying explored this question this week, which you can read more about here.

Sunday Reads: Our Most Notable Stories This Week
Airbus has preserved this A380 prototype (MSN002). Photo: Getty Images

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