Flying Sydney To Singapore – Which Airline Is Best?


Sydney to Singapore forms one of the legs of the kangaroo route, as well as the main highway for traffic from Australia to South East Asia. But surprisingly there are few non-stop carriers linking the two cities and passenger choice might be rather limited.

Singapore Airlines
Which airline is best to fly between the two cities? Image: Singapore Airlines

Let’s take a look at which airline is the best to fly between the two cities.

The methodology

Simple Flying is using the following methodology to rank these airlines. Each airline will be ranked against each other for the following.

  • Schedule
  • Aircraft
  • Onboard product
  • Pricing

With that, let’s take a look at each airline in alphabetical order. One way prices are examined based on options across multiple dates and represent pricing across the next few months.

British Airways

As part of its London to Sydney route (interesting trivia – they are the only European airline to fly to Australia… so far) British Airways actually flies between Syndey and Singapore.

BA 777
British Airways have been pulling away from Australia. Photo: British Airways

It flies a Boeing 777-300ER on the route daily. BA16 leaves every day at 3:15PM. As the route to Singapore is only around eight hours, the flight lands at around 9 PM local time


Unfortunately, this 777 does not have the new business class found on its A350, and thus is a little more dated, but it does feature first class.

  • First – Open suites with 78 inches of itch 22 inches wide.
  • Club World (Business) – Flatbeds with 72 inches of pitch, 20 inches wide.
  • World Traveller Plus (Premium Economy) – Seats with 38 inches of legroom and 18.5 inches wide.
  • World Traveller (Economy) – 31 inches of pitch 17.5 inches wide.


Of course, the Australian flag carrier is on this list, it would be criminal if they did not have a direct route to Singapore. As this is also the Kangaroo route (which they code-share with Emirates) they operate an A380.

The kangaroo route that Qantas codeshares with Emirates, Qantas flying through Singapore. Source: Qantas

Unlike the British Airways route, this flight leaves at 5 PM and arrives later at around 11 PM.

The aircraft is much bigger and carries double the amount of passengers than the British Airways 777-300ER. The A380 actually is currently undergoing a revamp and installing the new Qantas business class, so it is likely if you fly onboard this you are on the newest seating in this list.

  • First-class – 79 inches of pitch flatbeds with 22 inches wide.
  • Business-class – 46 inches of pitch in seat mode and up to 80 inches as a bed. It is 24 inches wide.
  • Premium Economy – 42 inches of pitch 19 inches wide
  • Economy – 31 inches of pitch 17.5 inches wide.


Scoot is the only low-cost carrier on this list and is owned by Singapore. They exclusively fly Boeing 787 Dreamliners on this route and thus actually fly the newest aircraft between the two countries.

Scoot 787
Scoot 787. Photo: Vismay Bhadra / Wikimedia Commons

Their schedule is all over the place and some days they don’t even fly.

The aircraft are laid out in three configurations:

  • Premium economy – 38 inches of pitch recliner seats, 22 inches wide.
  • ‘Quiet’ economy – 34-36 inches of pitch in recliner seats and on average 19 inches wide.
  • Economy – 31 inches of pitch and on average 19 inches wide.


Likewise with Singapore, it would be strange if the flag carrier of the destination didn’t also operate routes to Australia. And boy do they ever, with four daily departures (at 9 AM, 12 PM, 4 PM and 7 PM (overnight)).

Singapore Airlines A380
Singapore Airlines A380. Photo: Singapore Airlines

They fly a mix of Boeing 777s and their A380 product, but fortunately, there is identical seating onboard so we won’t have to list them separately.

  • First class – 81 inches of pitch flatbeds with 35 inches wide.
  • Business class – 55 inches of pitch in both modes and it is 30 inches wide.
  • Premium economy – 38 inches of pitch 19 inches wide
  • Economy – 32 inches of pitch 19 inches wide.

Which is best?


In terms of frequency, it has to be Singapore. With up to five services every day you have plenty of options of when you want to arrive, and plenty of choices when it comes to aircraft.


Surprisingly Scoot operates the newest aircraft with its fleet of Boeing 787s. If you believe new is always better then get onboard, although Scoot is known to be an ultra-low-cost carrier.

Onboard product

The onboard product does require a bit more concentration than the first two and is not entirely clear right off the bat. As all three mainline carriers operate first, business, premium economy and economy, we will have to compare each.

  • If you are flying in First, Singapore is the best. They not only won the best airline last year but the private suite onboard their A380 is legendary.
  • In business, it seems that Qantas edges ahead with their new product. This is the closest argument but I can’t say that Singapore with their 55 inches is that exciting. British Airways is the oldest design and needs to be updated in line with the A350 experience.
  • Premium economy, Qantas offers the most legroom and as this is the defining factor of the class I say go with them.
  • Singapore offers the best economy experience, although you certainly pay for it through the nose.
Singapore Airlines suites
Singapore Airlines Suites. Photo: Singapore Airlines


I’ve put all the average prices together in this chart:

British Airways Qantas Scoot Singapore
First $3,544.00 $3,985.00 N/A $4,254.00
Business $2,948.00 $2,702.00 N/A $2,783.00
Premium Economy $2,106.00 $1,447.00 $510.00 $1,573.00
Economy $720.00 $399.00 $205.00 $813.00

Prices are in Australia dollars, if you are in England or America you can half it to get a rough idea of your price ($1 Australian Dollar = 0.69 US cents).

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