TAP Portugal Passenger Breaks Down After Flight Runs Out Of Pepsi

A passenger on a TAP Portugal flight broke down after flight attendants told her that she would not be able to get a Pepsi onboard the aircraft. According to the Daily Mail, the woman has been named “the worst airline passenger ever” after her drunken tirade.

What are the details?

On March 9th, a Spanish woman tried to order a Pepsi during her 90-minute flight from Lisbon, Portugal to Malaga, Spain. However, the flight attendants told her that they only had fruit juice, and that the passenger could not have a Pepsi. Apparently, the passenger was not happy with this response. As a matter of fact, she reportedly got out of her seat and started screaming in Spanish.

TAP Portugal ATR 72
The incident occurred on a TAP Portugal ATR 72 aircraft. Photo: Wikimedia.

According to passenger reports, the woman had been drinking before she boarded the aircraft, and was stumbling as she was boarding the flight. It is reported that she was drinking out of a flask, and wanted to order a Pepsi so she could make a mixed drink. Unfortunately, these plans did not work out for her, and as a result, she became irate.

A fellow passenger described the scene to the Daily Mail. He stated that the woman’s “hands had turned into claws. She looked like a demon.”

TAP Portugal did not take the behavior lightly. As a matter of fact, the captain of the flight came out of the cockpit during the flight and banned the unruly passenger from the airline. He told her that police would arrest her once the aircraft reached its destination.

Malaga Airport
Police arrested the unruly passenger at the airport in Malaga. Photo: Wikimedia.

In fact, police were waiting for the aircraft upon its arrival in Malaga, who did indeed end up arresting the woman. Some passengers onboard the flight, however, thought that TAP Air should have denied boarding to the intoxicated passenger to begin with.

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