Boeing 777X Spotted Doing Taxi Tests Ahead Of Its First Flight

Boeing’s long-awaited new widebody, the 777X, is gearing up for its first flight on January 23, 2020. Ahead of this, the 777X was spotted in Seattle undergoing a series of taxi tests. These tests are a routine part of the aircraft’s design and certification process.

Boeing 777X Taxi
The Boeing 777X completed a set of taxi tests prior to its first flight on January 23rd. Photo: Boeing

Boeing 777X taxi tests

Back in June of 2019, the Boeing 777X completed its first taxi test. This test happened at Paine Field in Seattle – a prime testing ground for Boeing.

After these first taxi tests, Boeing anticipated a first flight of the 777X in June or July of 2019. However, the program suffered a delay in the form of engine issues. General Electric, the manufacturer of the 777X’s massive engines, needed some additional time to fix some challenges with the massive GE9X.

Taxi tests ahead of first flights

On January 22nd, the 777X underwent a series of taxi tests and later brake cooling in Seattle.

In addition, the first 777X also conducted a high-speed taxi test.

The first Boeing 777X

The first flight of the Boeing 777X is scheduled for January 23, 2020. And, Simple Flying will be in attendance to witness the takeoff and landing of Boeing’s new widebody. Stay tuned at Simple Flying for updates!

This first flight is the start of a year that should go far better for Boeing. 2020 already is expected to see the first Boeing 777X flight. Should all go well, this would be a huge relief for Boeing after a year of setbacks.

In March of 2019, the global 737 MAX grounding started. Now, Boeing expects a mid-2020 return for the 737 MAX stretching the grounding of the 737 MAX to over a year. Moreover, 2019 also saw the delay of the 777X. The long-awaited aircraft is gearing up for an entry into service. However, carriers around the world have anticipated receiving the 777X later than originally intended.

Boeing 777X sales

Customers for the 777X include Lufthansa, British Airways, Cathay Pacific, Qatar Airways, and Emirates among others. Most of these orders are for the larger 777-9. The smaller 777-8 has not sold particularly well.

Boeing 777X Family
The larger 777-9 has outperformed the 777-8 in sales. Photo: Boeing

Onboard, Boeing’s 777X is a spacious aircraft with room for three or four cabin classes. Of course, that decision is for the airlines to make. Lufthansa will debut a new business class product onboard the aircraft. Not to be left out, Emirates is also expecting to upgrade business class on the Boeing 777X along with a dedicated Premium Economy cabin.


Boeing is gearing up for the first 777X flight. This will hopefully be the start of Boeing’s turnaround year after a rough 2019. With another set of taxi tests done, the first flight of the 777X is fast approaching.

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