Tell Us Your 2019 Travel Rewards Goals And We Will Do The Work 2

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One of the most difficult things to get to grips with in the points and miles world is coming up with a  strategy to get the best possible value. Here at Simple Flying, we have decided to kick off 2019 by doing some of the hard work for you.

Hermitage Hotel in Jakarta
Earn more points in the New Year, for a better overall travel experience. Photo: Marriott

We want our readers to submit their travel Goals for 2019, early 2020 and will figure out the best way to achieve your goal using points and miles. We will select several submissions and will post up articles over January detailing how to achieve the goal using Points and Miles.

Submit Your Travel Goal

The first thing is to tell us what your goal is. This can be something like seven nights at a given Hotel, two business class tickets to Europe from the US, or anything similar or a combination. While you do not have to submit any additional information, it would greatly help if you could answer the following questions in the comment.

  • Do you have any travel rewards Credit cards, if so how which ones?
  • Do you have airline or hotel elite Status?
  • A rough idea on your point balances, Credit card, hotel, and Airline programs.

There is no need to submit dates since awards will probably not be available this far out.

Please submit your goals in the comments below.

Final Thoughts

Once we have selected several submissions, we will then figure out the best options using points and miles and publish a detailed article on how to do it. So what travel goal do you want to achieve in 2019.


  1. Travel Goals. BOB (able to to skip) then (DPS also able to skip) then SIN then BKK then MLE (could skip) the SEZ then ZUR (can skip as well). I have up to two weeks for my 42nd Birthday on Nov 9th. Could leave at or on Nov 1st. I would like to fly ATW for the least amount of points and miles in coach and or business. To me it is a indifference with which section I am in. I would prefer two days max in each destination.

    1. I am Plat with Delta
    2. I am Diamond with Hilton and Gold SPG
    3. I have the Amex Bus Platinum
    4. I have approx 900k Delta SM. Fly SkyTeam
    5. I have approx 1.9 million Hilton points
    6. I have approx 200k Amex Membership Reward points.
    7. Approx 25k Marriott points
    8. Approx 35k Sonesta Points.
    9. Based out of South Dakota but can fly FSD or OMA
    10. Have to stay in Marina Bay Sands in Singapore
    11. In BKK Have to stay in 131 Pillars in a top tier suite to access rooftop infinity pool.
    12. MLE would like to stay either at the Conrad or Waldorf (if open)
    13. If BOB is in play the Conrad is fine to stay as I can jet ski around Bora Bora again from there

  2. Hey,

    I travel quite a lot (49 visited countries) but never really understood the miles program, so I buy tickets on offer when they appear, fly with different airlines.
    I don’t have an airline elite status. I am from Europe (Romania to be exact) and am member of the Skyteam loyalty program (AirFrance/KLM Flying Blue). I have roughly 6000 miles and no travel reward cards.

    Really interested to see how to take my traveling to the next level, making more smart decisions with miles and airlines.

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