Thai Airways Airbus A380 Damaged in Paris – 400 Stranded

A Thai Airways aircraft was forced to cancel its journey from Paris to Bangkok due to minor damaged caused by a catering truck. The cancellation left over 400 passengers and crew members stranded in Paris for an extra day while the aircraft underwent repairs and maintenance checks.

Thai Airways Airbus A380 in flight
Thai Airways Airbus A380 wing clipped by delivery truck. Photo: Wikimedia.

Thai Airways wing clipped during food delivery

Thai Airways Airbus A380 aircraft suffered minor damage while food was being delivered for the flight on Wednesday. Flight TG931 was scheduled to depart from Paris Charles de Gaulle airport at 1:40 pm for an approximately 12-hour trip to Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok. However, the accident meant that the flight was canceled during preparations for boarding.

The food catering truck was in the process of delivering food for the flight when it accidentally ran into the aircraft. The truck clipped the wing of the plane, causing slight damage, but just enough to raise a safety concern to cancel the flight.

It took a day to repair the aircraft and also to perform maintenance checks to ensure that the flight was all set to make the journey safely. The aircraft was reinstated to service and transported passengers on Thursday.

Hundreds of passengers inconvenienced

The small clip to the wing might seem like an insignificant incident, but there were serious repercussions for Thai Airways. The canceled flight resulted in more than 400 passengers and crew being stranded in Paris for an extra day.

Thai Airways aircraft during takeoff
Flight TG931 cancellation stranded over 400 passengers in Paris. Photo: Wikimedia.

Only a few of the passengers were able to be rebooked on other airlines traveling to Bangkok. For the remainder, crew members returned to their hotels and stranded passengers were provided with complimentary hotel rooms and meal vouchers for the additional night.

No passenger was injured during the aircraft-vehicle collision, and the inconvenienced passengers were booked on the flight on Thursday to travel to Bangkok.

Who is responsible for the cancellation?

The last thing that an airline wants to do is cancel a flight, throwing off the travel plans for its customers. The airline is not keen to take responsibility for the delay, and is seeking compensation from the food delivery company for expenses.

It is estimated that Thai Airways will have spent several hundred Euros per passenger on hotels and food, not to mention the €600 compensation payable under EU aviation laws. There is also the cost of the repair to the aircraft to consider. The airline states:

“Thai Airways International will go into a process of financial compensation for the damage caused by the food delivery firm.”

Seeing as the incident was due to the carelessness of the food delivery truck, Thai Airways are in a strong position to reclaim their expenses. While it is unknown why the catering truck crashed into the aircraft, the delivery company seems ultimately responsible for the canceled flight and stranded passengers.

Thai Airways Airbus A380 in flight
Thai Airways is in a dispute with the food delivery firm over responsibility for the incident. Photo: Wikimedia.

Thai Airways did the right thing by canceling the flight to ensure that the aircraft would be functioning correctly to travel. Passengers safety is most important for airlines, even if it means delays in service.

Who do you think is responsible for the flight cancellation and should pay for the damages?