Thai Airways Considering The Airbus A350 or Boeing 777X For Widebody Fleet Renewal

Thai Airways are reportedly looking to renew their widebody fleet. Both the A350 and the B777X are currently on the cards for the replacement fleet. This news of a Thai Airways Fleet Renewal comes following this week’s earlier story that Boeing shares plunged as Airbus was trying to poach major Chinese airlines.

“Hopefully the figures will not change too much because we need room for expansion,” – Thai Airways Vice President Alliances and Commercial Strategy, Krittaphon Chantalitanon

23 New Jets

Thai is reportedly looking to invest in 23 new jets. This deal would be worth an estimated $3.1 million USD. The airline had sent its plan for the purchase to the government for approval, however, it was sent back to the airline for a three-month review. This is so that Thai’s new leadership have the opportunity to review the plan. It is expected that a decision on the purchase will be made by the end of the year.

thai airways fleet renewal
Thai Airways already has a fleet of 12 A350 aircraft. Photo: Airbus

Aging Fleet

The deal is supposed to replace the airline’s ageing fleet of widebody aircraft, currently made up of B747-400s, and both -200 and -300 B777s. As such the airline is reportedly looking at the new B777X or the A350 to replace the aircraft, however, a source commenting to Reuters was unable to say which the airline would prefer.

Given the current fleet, it is likely that Thai would stick with the Boeing aircraft. Out of its active fleet of 83 aircraft, the airline only operates 33 Airbus aircraft. This is compared to the fleet of 32 B777 aircraft which the airline uses.

thai airways fleet renewal
Thai Airways currently operates a fleet of 32 B777 aircraft. Image: Boeing

US Flights

The airline is also reportedly looking to recommence flights to the United States. The Federal Aviation Administration would potentially upgrade Thailand’s safety rating according to Reuters. Speaking regarding the plans to fly to the country, Mr Chantalitanon said: “We also have to do proper market studies whether it is the east coast, the west coast or whatever. At the moment we have not decided where our metal is going to land and we also need the delivery of our future fleet.”

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