You Could Fly Thai Airways’ A380 Motion Simulator From $540

Aviation enthusiasts and aspiring pilots have the chance to undertake an authentic flying experience with the Thai Airways “THAI Simulator Experience”. The advanced simulator comes equipped with full motion technology and perfect cockpit replicas.

thai airways cockpit
Visitors can enjoy an immersive flight experience at the THAI Simulator Experience. Photo: Thai Airways

Used by experienced and novice pilots to hone their skills, the flight simulator is now opening to regular visitors starting at just $540. Previously, the training center was reserved exclusively for Thai Airways pilots and crew and was not open to the public.

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State-of-the-art training facility

The simulator is located in the impressive Thai Airways flight training center and includes eight level-D full flight simulators: A300-600, B747-400, B737-400, B777-200/300, B777ER, A330-300, A340-600 and A380-800.

airbus a300-600
Choose from eight different simulators including an Airbus A300-600. Photo: Aero Icarus via Wikipedia Commons.

Unlike home simulators, visitors can truly immerse themselves in authentic mock cockpits and experience the life of a pilot. The interior immaculately replicates real-life controls and systems and is used by professional pilots to simulate scenarios in the skies.

Full motion flying

Along with the realistic cockpit, the flight simulator is equipped with full motion technology for a truly unrivaled flying experience. Hydraulic systems recreate the unmistakable feel of piloting an aircraft and can simulate sensations such as turbulence.

You Could Fly Thai Airways’ A380 Motion Simulator From $540
Visitors can hop in a full flight simulator. Photo: SuperJet International via Flickr.

Other facilities at the center include wet drill training and fire and emergency training rooms. The Cabin Emergency Evacuation Trainer (CEET) simulates emergencies like decompression, smoke and turbulence. Presently, the airline is offering access to its flight simulators only.

Now open to the public

The training center was purpose-built for Thai Airways’ pilots and cabin crew. However, the airline recently made known its plans to open up the flight simulators to the public. Prices start at 12,000 baht ($540) for a half-hour session for two people, rising to 36,000 baht ($1,620) for a full 90-minute session.

You Could Fly Thai Airways’ A380 Motion Simulator From $540
Thai Airways has explored innovative ways to make up for lost revenue. Photo: Thai Airways

Thai Airways is looking for alternative revenue streams during a difficult period for the airline. The company is presently restructuring debts of over $11bn after being hit by the downturn in tourism during the current coronavirus pandemic. International flights have been suspended since March 2020, while the airline has long been in deep financial waters.

Alongside this new venture, the airline recently refitted its cafeteria into an airline-themed cafe with real aircraft seats and miscellaneous spare parts making up the furniture. With the Thai economy expected to shrink by up to 7.8%, according to The National Economic and Social Development Council (NESDC), the airline is doing everything it can to stay afloat.

How to visit the simulator

The flight simulator is located at the Thai Airways International Head Office in Chatuchak, Bangkok. The center enjoys an excellent location in Bangkok and is linked to local subway, light-rail and bus networks.

In the vicinity, there are world-class hotels, shopping malls, and the sprawling Chatuchak Park and Chatuchak Market. DonMueang International Airport is less than 30 minutes by car for easy access upon landing.

To arrange your visit, you’ll need to contact the airline directly. This can be done by phone or email – details are available on the Thai Airways website.