The Battle For Seattle – How Asian Airlines Are Ramping Up Services To The Emerald City

The battle for Seattle seems to be hotting up with even more airlines announcing routes to the West Coast city. Along with Singapore Airlines, Japan Airlines and Cathay Pacific are launching new routes to Seattle, while EVA air is looking increase the frequency with which it serves the city. This will mean that Singapore, Hong Kong, Taipei, and Tokyo will all have direct flights to Seattle this time next year.

seattle to asia flights
By this time next year, four Asian airlines will operate flights to Seattle. Image: GCMap

Eva Air

Eva Air is the only airline currently flying to Seattle using B777 aircraft. Their route from Taipei Taoyuan to Seattle is currently serviced 7 times a week. From the 7th of July 2019, this will increase to 10 flights per week. On Friday, Sunday, and Wednesday Eva Air will operate two flights to Seattle each day. During the other days of the week, the airline will continue to operate one flight a day as it currently does. While the new flight to Seattle leaves Taipei much later than its counterpart, the return leaves Seattle just 30 minutes after. BR026 and BR025 are the flights which operate daily.

  • BR004 will leave Taipei at 1950 and arrive in Seattle at 1615.
  • BR026 leaves Taipei at 2340 and arrives in Seattle at 2005.
  • BR003 will leave Seattle at 0140 and arrive in Taipei the next day at 0440.
  • BR025 leaves Seattle at 0210 and arrives in Taipei the next day at 0510.
Eva Air
Eva Air operate the B777 on their Seattle route.

Japan Airlines

Japan Airlines will be one of the next carriers to fly to Seattle. From the 31st of March 2019, it will be operating a daily route to the city from Tokyo. Japan Airlines used to fly this route until October 1992. The airline will operate this route with B787-8 aircraft subject to government approval. The route will allow JAL passengers to seamlessly transfer to the airline’s partner, Alaska Airlines.

  • JL068 will leave Tokyo at 1805 and arrive in Seattle at 1105.
  • JL067 will leave Seattle at 1420 and arrive in Tokyo at 1630 the next day.
seattle to asia flights
JAL will operate the Seattle route using the B787-8. Image: Boeing

Cathay Pacific

Seattle will have to host two welcoming parties on the 31st of March 2019, as Cathay Pacific are also launching flights on this date. Flights from Hong Kong will operate on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday. Meanwhile, the return flights will operate on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday. Cathay Pacific will be using its A350-900 aircraft for this route.

  • CX858 will leave Hong Kong at 2355 and arrive in Seattle at 2100.
  • CX857 will leave Seattle at 0105 and arrive in Hong Kong the next day at 0525.
seattle to asia flights
Cathay Pacific will operate flights to Seattle using the A350-900. Photo: Airbus

Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines will be the last airline to commence flights to Seattle. We learnt on Thursday that the airline intends to begin flights to the city on 3rd of September. Again, Singapore will be operating the route with its standard A350-900 aircraft. Beginning with three flights a week, the airline intends to eventually fly to the city four times per week. Initially, flights will operate on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. The route will allow Singapore passengers to seamlessly transfer to the airline’s partner, Alaska Airlines.

  • SQ28 will leave Singapore at 0905 and arrive in Seattle at 0905.
  • SQ27 will leave Seattle at 1040 and arrive in Singapore at 1730 the next day.
Singapore Airlines is going to use the standard A350-900 on the Singapore to Seattle route. Photo: Singapore Airlines

Which airline would you like to use to travel from Asia to Seattle? Let us know in the comments below!