The Best US Cabin Crew Courses


The competition to become a flight attendant is at an all-time high. Statistics wise, it is easier to get into Harvard who admits only 5% of applicants whereas Delta for example accepted less than 1% of all applicants. With so many applicants, it’s important to stand out by knowing the ins and outs of the airline industry. Below are the top 5 courses to take in order to receive the best training that will prepare you to become the best flight attendant.

Pan Am International Flight Academy

This training course has history of training flight attendants back to the days of Pan Am. Pan Am International Flight Academy is FAA approved and is intended to exceed the safety standards that are essential of cabin crews. After completion of the program, you may work as a corporate flight attendant or apply to work for a commercial airline. This academy also has training for dispatchers, maintenance, air traffic control, and pilots.

Inflight Institute

Known as one of the world’s most dependable airline training schools, Inflight Institute has been training flight attendants since 1999. This online course allows one to gain the necessary knowledge that airlines are looking for during the interviews. Inflight Institute allows you to choose from a plethora of courses including specific courses on aircrafts, supplemental courses, and certificate courses.

The American Institute of Management Science

To earn your cabin crew certificate, this program takes you through a 24-week training course where you will develop the skills and knowledge needed to become the best flight attendant. You will also take a 6-day familiarization trip to Panama. During this trip, you will pick up on some conversational Spanish, observe the working flight crew, study airport operations, and note the safety demonstrations, evacuation procedures, and learn about the in-flight service.

IATA Cabin Crew Training

The training through IATA is available through either a textbook or an online textbook format. IATA training course may be completed within 12 months and students will learn all about the profession, various aircrafts, passenger interactions, and all about emergency procedures.

BAA Training

While only 10 work days are needed to complete this training course, you’ll learn all about the requirements of a flight attendants as well as some tips and tricks. General aviation knowledge will be learned, passenger handling, safety procedures, fires, medicals, and other security information will be touched on during the course.