The Boeing 797 – The New Midsize Plane Set To Change Air Travel

While not officially named as yet, it is almost certain that the next Boeing aircraft will be called the B797. The new jet aircraft will reportedly be loaded full of Boeing’s groundbreaking technology making it one of the most efficient in the sky. While very little is officially known about the aircraft a lot of rumours have been flying around. While Boeing has confirmed the range and capacity that they are looking to give with the New Mid-size Airplane, the project is still not officially underway. In fact, it still needs to be signed off by the company’s executives.

787-9 Paint hangar  rollout
The 787-9 rolls out of the paint hangar

What Do We Know?

The things that we firmly know are the range and seat number that Boeing is trying to achieve with this new aeroplane. This was revealed during a presentation given at the Farnborough Airshow. Boeing is looking to introduce two B797 aircraft. The first will be the B797-6 will be designed to carry 228 passengers a distance 4500nmi. Afterwards, the American manufacturer will follow with the B797-7. This larger aircraft would carry 267 passengers, however, it would only reach 4,100nmi. This means the aircraft would comfortably be able to operate transatlantic flights.

boeing 797
The B777X will have folding wing tips. It is unlikely the B797 would have these.

2-3-2 Seating Layout

The latest rumours state that the B797 would come equipped with two aisles. This means that the aircraft would likely be laid out with a 2-3-2 layout in economy. While this may seem odd, the fact that passengers are continuing to spend a significant amount on premium economy seems to indicate that it would work. In fact, with this layout, around 85% of the seats would be a window or aisle seat.

boeing 797
British Airways currently operates Premium Economy in a 2-3-2 configuration on the A380.

30,000 New Routes

The aircraft could potentially open up to 30,000 new routes. At the moment so many of the long haul flights are serviced by bigger jets between hubs which are fed by regional flights. With the smaller jet with the larger range, such an aircraft would be able to open more point to point routes. This means that to fly from Manchester to St Louis, a passenger would be able to fly direct rather than changing once or twice.


Cheaper to Operate

In addition to being packed with new technology, the airliner will reportedly be much cleaner to operate than current aircraft. In fact, the B797 will supposedly be 40% cheaper to operate than its Airbus rival, the A330neo. As such Boeing clearly feels that the market would be perfect for such an aircraft. In fact, the company estimate that over 20 years, up to 5,000 of the B797 could be sold to the industry.

boeing 797
The B797 is estimated to be 40% cheaper to run than the A330neo.

When Will We See The B797?

Having not even been officially sanctioned at the board level, the Boeing 797 is still likely to be some way away. As Boeing is currently focusing on the B777X, the new B797 will likely be on the back burner until that project is completed. The official decision on whether to move the project forward will be made during the next year. Following this, if it is given the go-ahead, Boeing will likely aim to bring the first aircraft to market by 2025.


Do you think the B797 will get the go-ahead? Let us know below!


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Craig Thomas

“Boeing” recently announced they will start an in-house avionics design bureau to support aircraft programs. The trouble is, they plan to place it in Chicago. Having been part of the division that used to provide this service before the new McDonnell Douglas owners of Boeing closed it in favor of suppliers providing all the needed engineering, I can tell them it was hard enough to coordinate from 1/2 a mile away from the Everett offices. Doing it from Chicago is a lame McDonnell Douglas way to consolidate power over those remaining original Boeing employees, and this new plane will probably… Read more »

Alaa Riad

I was really hoping to read the 797 will be the first orbit passenger plane in addition to regular function …..w boosting rocker rocker recoverable will send the plane to orbit reducing time travel to 70-80% …. That would be a great achievement in my opinion

Brian K. Golightly

Mr Thomas I concur with your Proximity evaluation. I Believe there is a reason why the West Coast is being Avoided.

Andrew Boydston

The 797 NMA “will come sooner rather than later”, as in 2025. To do so, it will announce during 2019. This is a certainty if only Boeing wants to steal the march on Airbus for a competitive NMA. Boeing has more NMA development ducks in a row than it indicates. A Chicago base is a no-go. Charleston has a better chance than Chicago.

Mark Ellsworth

Boeing views this airplane as a “must do,” to be made out of “can do” technologies they own, and the company is currently solving the best “how to do” part of the equation, such as engine choice. As a “must do” the result will be a shut-out against Airbus because the Europeans have a much more difficult time with efficiencies where Boeing excels. Once established, per unit profitability will increase, and the opportunity for Airbus to respond will be to little and too late. Airbus devoutly wishes to shut down the NMA because they fully realize the vulnerable, no win… Read more »


Southwest Airlines could benefit a great deal from this aircraft