The Complete Guide To Air France-KLM Flying Blue Promo Rewards


One of the best options for awards worldwide is the monthly Flying Blue Promo Rewards. Every month Air France-KLM publish a list of destinations offering up to 50% discounts on awards. The sale is global and covers destinations across the world, with monthly offers for travel from Europe to Africa, Asia, North America, the Caribbean and more. Savvy travelers taking advantage of the monthly promotion can leverage their points for some great value. So read on to find out all you need to know about the Flying Blue Promo Rewards.

Image: Air France-KLM

Booking Air France-KLM Promo Rewards

The booking rules for Flying Blue Promo Rewards are straightforward.

  • You have to book by the last day of the promotion month
  • You can book one way or roundtrip awards
  • Once booked you can not change, cancel or refund your award
  • Bookings must be made via or
  • There is limited award availability for each route

Flying Blue Promo Rewards Rules

The Flying Blue Promo Rewards rules for booking are pretty straightforward but incredibly restrictive. In a nutshell, you can only book award between a participating destination and either Paris, with Air France, or Amsterdam, with KLM.

Bear in mind this is not always the case since the occasionally a destination will be on offer with Air France only or with KLM only. Typically, both airlines cover most destinations. The only exception is to routes in Africa, where quite often Air France is the only airline the flies that route.

Another restriction is you cannot have cumulative pricing when booking an award, even when both destinations are in the promo. For instance, you cannot book an award from Los Angeles to Madrid via Paris even though Los Angeles and Madrid are both participating destinations that month.

Thirdly, you cannot book mixed cabin awards, which is an obvious restriction since you cannot book connections. It follows on that Air France-KLM Promo Awards do not allow any connections or stopovers. However, you can book open jaw award since you are effectively booking two separate awards.


Finding an award flight

Finding Air France-KLM Promo Awards is a simple process; all you need to do is head over to the promotion page.

Image: Air France-KLM

To find an award, you can either opt to search by a specific destination in the top left-hand search box, or you can choose to search by geographical location, using the drop-down search filter on the top right-hand side.

Image: Air France-KLM

One thing to remember is that Flying Blue is the joint loyalty program of Air France and KLM. Both airlines are European, and as such, the promotion routes alway include either Paris, France or Amsterdam, The Netherlands.


Even if you filter for North America and Asia, you will find no awards between the two continents; they are simply not on offer. All the promotions you will see will be either from routes from North America to Europe or from Asia to Europe.

Once you have found a destination you like, click on the more button to see the details of the offer. Take for instance Toronto; once you click on more, you will see that you can receive a discount of 25% on travel in business class, and you can also see the award travel dates. Finally, you can also see that both KLM and Air France are participating in the promotion, so the promotion applies on flights to both Paris and Amsterdam.

Image: Air France-KLM

A similar deal is on offer for Cancun, with a 25% discount on business class travel, and the travel dates are the same. Crucially only Air France is participating this time, so the promotion will only apply on flights from Paris to Cancun with Air France, and KLM flights are not an option.

Image: Air France-KLM

Working out the cost of awards

Working out the cost of your awards is relatively simple. As long as you stick to the Flying Blue rules and use their own calculator, it’s pretty much a breeze. For instance, let’s assume the New York, Newark EWR is a participating destination, and flights to Europe are discounted by 50% in business class.

Image: GCMap

First, head over to the Flying Blue Promo Rewards calculator page, and enter your destinations of travel. Hit “estimate” and the calculator will return the cost in miles for awards in all classes of travel. In this case, the full price of an award from New York EWR to Paris CDG is 60,500.

Image: Air France-KLM

Bear in mind this is the full price for a one-way award in business class. To work out the cost of your award, you will need to do some basic math.

  • 60,500- 50% discount = 30,250 miles
  • So the cost of your award would work out as 30,250 miles one-way.

Things get a little more complicated when you try and book an award between two participating destinations. For instance, let’s assume that Chicago ORD and Rome FCO are both on offer with a  50% discount in business. However, with Air France or KLM, you will still have to connect in Paris or Amsterdam respectively.

Image: GCMap

You cannot make a simple calculation. Instead, you have to book two separate awards. First, you will have to calculate the cost of an award from Chicago to Amsterdam.

Image: Air France-KLM

A full price award would set you back 71,000 miles one way in business. After applying a 50% discount, the Air France-KLM promo cost would be 35,500 miles. The next step is working out the cost of the award leg from Amsterdam to Rome.

Image: Air France-KLM

In this case, the full price of the award is 42,500 miles one way in business. Now you have to apply the 50% discount, which would yield an award price of 21,250 miles one way.

Finally, to work out the total cost of your award, you have to add up the cost of both legs from Chicago to Amsterdam, and then from Amsterdam to Rome.

  • Chicago to Amsterdam=35,500
  • Amsterdam to Rome=21,500

Total award cost=57,000 miles one way in business.

Breaking down the most complex itineraries into a series of one-way legs is the only way you can accurately calculate the cost of your awards, taking advantage of the Flying Blue Promo Rewards. While this can be tedious and time-consuming, it is, unfortunately, the only way to do it.

Air France-KLM Flying Blue Partners

There are five major points currencies on the market today; four are from credit card issuers: American Express Membership Rewards, Chase Ultimate Rewards, Citi ThankYou points, and Capital One Venture Miles, and finally one hotel points currency Marriott Bonvoy points.

Each program has its own set of transfer partners, and on occasion, some airline programs have partnerships with more than one program. While being a partner with one, two, or three programs is commonplace. Air France-KLM Flying Blue and Singapore KrisFlyer are unique amongst all airlines in that they have partnerships with all five major currencies.

Air France-KLM Flying Blue works with all credit card currencies.
Air France-KLM Flying Blue works with all credit card currencies. Photo: Picpedia

Having these many partners can be a great option to consolidate your points in the Flying Blue programs. If you have balances in several partner account, but none of them are sufficient on their own for a specific reward, then transferring them over to Air France-KLM Flying Blue is a great option to getting more value for your points.

Final thoughts

The Flying Blue Promo Rewards can be a little up and down, some months they are great options, and sometimes the options are very poor especially from North America. However, if you look beyond transatlantic flights and consider the fact that you can transfer points from every single major flexible point currency to the program, it can offer tremendous value and flexibility.

It is always worth your while to bookmark the Flying Blue Promo Rewards page and check back on the first of every month when the new awards are released, as you may find a gem every so often. One thing to remember is that if you do find a good deal, it is best to book it ASAP, since availability is limited and the best options will get snapped up very quickly.