The Complete Guide to American Express Centurion Lounges


Many credit card issuers, including American Express, Chase, and Citi, offer lounge access to premium credit cardholders. This facility tends to be via a third party company like Priority Pass. Where Amex stands out from the crowd is that it is the only credit card issuer to operate its own network of airport of lounges globally. The lounges are called “Centurion Lounges” in honor of the invite only American Express Centurion Card. Amex premium cardholders can access Centurion lounges in addition to all the other lounges that their cards give them access to. So read on for our complete guide to the Amex Centurion Lounge Network.

Photo: American Express

Current American Express Centurion lounges

Image: American Express

Currently American Express operates nine Centurion lounges around the world. It will come as no surprise that the vast majority (eight in total) are in the US, while one lounge is overseas in Hong Kong.

City - AirportLocationOpening Hours
Dallas- DFWConcourse D
Opposite Gate D17
Monday- Sunday
05:30 to 22:00
Hong Kong - HKGTerminal 1
before Gate 60
05:30 to 00:30
Houston - IAHTerminal D
Near Gate D6
05:30 to 21:00
Las Vegas - LASConcourse D
Opposite Gate D1
05:30 to 23:00
New York - LGATerminal BSunday -Friday
05:30 to 20:00
Saturday 05:30 to 18:30
Philadelphia - PHLTerminal A
Near Gate A14
05:00 to 21:00
Miami - MIAConcourse D
Near Gate D12
Seattle - SEAConcourse B
Opposite Gate B3
05:00 to 22:00
San Fransico - SFOTerminal 3
Near Gate 74
05:00 to 23:00

American Express is currently expanding its lounge network, and there are four more lounges in the pipeline:

  • Los Angeles LAX Tom Bradley International: Scheduled for completion early in 2019
  • Denver International Airport DEN: Scheduled for completion in 2019
  • New York JFK, John F. Kennedy International: Scheduled for completion early in 2019
  • Charlotte CLT Douglas International Airport: Scheduled for completion in 2020
  • London Heathrow LHR: Scheduled for completion early in 2019

Aside from Amex owned and operated lounges, American Express has several other airport lounges around the world, that are classed as American Express lounges. Lounges around the world include:

CountryCity - Airport CodeLounge Classification
, ArgentinaBuenos Aires - EZECenturion Lounge
, MexicoMexico City - MEX3 lounges- Centurion Lounge & Clubs
, MexicoMonterrey - MTY2 lounges- Centurion Clubs
MexicoToluca - TLC Centurion Club
IndiaNew Delhi - DELAmerican Express Lounge
AustraliaSydney - SYDAmerican Express Lounge
AustraliaMelbourne - MELAmerican Express Lounge
Image: American Express

Centurion lounge facilities

All Centurion lounges provide a basic level of service that includes:

  • Locally inspired fresh food
  • Wines, premium spirits, and cocktails
  • High-speed internet
  • Televisions, newspapers, and magazines
  • Almost private workspaces
  • Printer/fax/copier

Also, every lounge has member services desk to help with your inquiries.


In addition to the core facilities, some locations offer ancillary facilities including:

  • Spa services
  • Wine tasting area
  • Conference room
  • Shower suites
  • Family room
  • Luggage lockers

Who is eligible?

Access to the American Express Centurion lounges is restricted to holders of the American Express Platinum cards and the Centurion card (known informally as the Black card).

In terms of platinum cards holders of the following types of platinum cards issued in any country are eligible to access the lounges:

  • Personal Platinum Cards
  • Business Platinum Cards
  • Corporate Platinum Cards

In some cases, the platinum cards may carry the logo and branding of a third party financial institution. In this case, users should refer to the terms and conditions page which says:

“Certain Platinum Cards may display the name and/or logo of a third party merchant or financial institution. For questions about eligibility of these Platinum Cards for complimentary access to The Centurion Lounge, please call the number on the back of your Card”

Although historically you could purchase access to the Amex Lounges, this facility is no longer available.


Access requirements

To access the American Express Centurion lounge network, you will need to present your eligible platinum card, and a same-day boarding pass. The Amex lounges are a same-day travel lounge, and members who are arriving at a destination with no onward boarding pass are not allowed entry.

The maximum amount of time you can access the lounge prior to departure is three hours before your flight. This rule is waived for passengers with a same-day connecting flight, with a connection time that is longer than three hours.

IAH Centurion Lounge. Photo: American Express

Interestingly American Express places a restriction on uniforms, as per the Centurion Lounge house rules page:

“Airline, airport and industry employees are not permitted to enter while in uniform or while wearing branded apparel or company/airport identification badges. This includes employees of private and corporate aircraft and charter carriers.”


Finally, if you have a standby ticket or a non-revenue standby ticket, including airline or industry employees traveling on discounted tickets, you are not eligible to utilize the lounge unless you have received a boarding pass with a seating assignment.

Guest access rules

Both eligible platinum and Centurion card members can bring two guests with them free of charge. Centurion card members are allowed to enter with immediate family (spouse or domestic partner and children under 18) at no extra cost.

American Express Centurion Lounge
Take immediate family in too. Image: American Express

Members can enter with children under the age of two at no charge, to be eligible the parent or guardian must produce a “lap infant” boarding pass or proof of age. Children under two do not count towards your guest quota.

If a member wishes to bring in more than two guests, they can purchase a day pass for a $50 fee. This facility is open to Platinum and Centurion card members.

Final thoughts

If you hold an eligible Amex card, then accessing an American Express Centurion Lounge when traveling through an airport is a must. The lounges tend to be better than other contract lounges, although they are not as nice as some airline operated business and first-class lounges. One of the advantages of the lounges is that you don’t have to carry anything other than your credit card to gain access, and you can access them no matter which airline you are flying with.