The Complete Guide To Citi ThankYou Travel Transfer Partners


Citi ThankYou is the third of the major credit card point currencies around, along with American Express Membership Rewards, and Chase Ultimate Rewards. Like all other currencies you can often leverage the best value from them by transferring them to travel (airline and hotel) partners. So here is our complete guide to Citi ThankYou Travel Transfer Partners.

Earning Citi ThankYou points

There are five Citi consumer credit cards that earn ThankYou points, and one Business card that earns ThankYou points. Consumer cards that earn ThankYou points include:

  • Citi Prestige Card
  • Citi Premier Card
  • Citi Rewards+ Card
  • Citi Rewards+ Student Card
  • AT&T Access Card-(Not open to new applications)

The following Citi business card also earns Citi ThankYou points

  • The CitiBusiness ThankYou Card

If you hold multiple Citi Cards (even different versions of the same card), you can combine all your points into one account. This process works not only across consumer credit cards, but also with Citi business cards, and even Citi checking accounts that earn ThankYou Points.

Citi airline partners

Cathay Pacific
Transfer your points to fly Cathay Pacific. Photo: Wikipedia

Citi has an extensive network of airline transfer partners totaling 15. Unfortunately, there are no major US legacy carriers on the list, although you can transfer your points to JetBlue. Don’t let the lack of US carriers deter you, some of the biggest names in aviation are Citi partners, and you can transfer your points to Etihad, Cathay Pacific, and Singapore Airlines amongst others

AirlineTransfer RatioMinimum TransferTransfer Time
Air France/KLM1:11,000Instantaneously
Cathay Pacific1:11,000Up to 48 hours
Etihad Airways1:11,000Up to 6 days
Eva Air1:11,000Up to 48 hours
Garuda Indonesia1:11,000Up to 48 hours
Jet Airways1:11,000Instantaneously
JetBlue Airways1:081,000Instantaneously
Malaysia Airlines1:11,000Up to 48 hours
Qantas1:11,000Up to 48 hours
Qatar Airways1:11,000Up to 48 hours
Singapore Airlines1:11,000Up to 24 hours
Thai Airways1:11,000Up to 6 days
Turkish Airlines1:11,000Up to 48 hours
Virgin Atlantic1:11,000Up to 48 hours

Typically, Citi Transfers are at a ratio of 1:1, and with most airlines the minimum transfer is 1,000 points. In terms of how long transfers take, this varies by airlines, with some transfers occurring almost instantly, while others can take up to a week.


Image: Citi

Citi hotel partners

Unfortunately, unlike Chase,and American Express who each have three hotel partners, Citi has no hotel partners you can transfer ThankYou points to.

Transfer bonuses

Citi does run promotions offering a bonus when you transfer your ThankYou points to various partners. Judging by the patterns, Citi is not as generous as American Express when it comes to transfer promotions either in terms of the percentage of the bonus offered or the frequency in which it runs promotions.

It is worth remembering that it does not make sense to transfer points speculatively without a specific and relatively immediate use of your points no matter how good the bonus is. Transferring points speculatively weakens your hand, since you lose the flexibility of credit card points. You also suffer a double hit, since your points may suffer from a suddenly announced devaluation from the program.


How to transfer Citi ThankYou points

Transferring Citi ThankYou points is relatively simple; the first step is to head over to the Citi partner page, and sign in to your Citi account. You can do this from the main page or directly from the transfer page.

Image: Citi

If you are signed in the partner page will offer you the option of completing a transfer without logging in.

Image: Citi

You will then be prompted to enter the number of points you want to transfer. The Citi widget will show you how many points you are transferring, how many miles you will receive in your frequent flyer account, and how many Citi ThankYou points you have left. On this page, you will also be asked to enter your frequent flyer number twice, once to save it and once to confirm it.

Once you hit continue you will be taken to a confirmation page, which will show you the transfer details, including name, program number, points transferred, miles received, and your remaining balance. To complete your transfer all you need to do is hit the confirm button.

JetBlue Aircraft
Fly JetBlue with your ThankYou points. Photo: JetBlue.

Final Thoughts

With 15 partners Citi is second only to American Express and includes several unique partners that make ThankYou points very attractive. Sure, you cannot transfer Citi Points to any of the US legacy carriers, but the options still allow for some awesome redemptions and provide you a way to leverage your Citi points for some great value. While we do not recommend transferring credit card points to hotel programs, it is still disappointing that Citi does not have any hotel partners, since the ability to transfer a couple of thousand points can be very useful.