Three Airlines Join TSA Precheck

The Department of Homeland Security has announced that a further three airlines have joined the TSA Pre✓ program. The new additions include two international carriers, Norwegian, and Iceland Air, and one domestic carrier Via Airlines.

Three Airlines Join TSA Precheck

What is TSA Pre X

TSA Pre✓ is a  trusted traveler program initiated by the Department of homeland security. Enrolling in the program requires you to submit supporting documentation and undergo a background check and interview. Once accepted your membership is valid for five years, and you will be issued with a  Known Traveller Number KTN. You then input this when making your reservations, and when you get to the airport, you simply go to the TSA Pre✓ lanes to clear security.

Three Airlines Join TSA Precheck

Once enrolled in TSA Pre✓ you don’t need to remove your laptop, Jacket, or shoes when clearing security, and are allowed a given number of liquids.

TSA Airports and Locations

With the new members, the total number of airlines participating in the TSA Pre X trusted traveler program is 56. These include most US legacy carriers and a host of international carriers like Lufthansa, Emirates, and British Airways. Up to this point in time, you can find TSA Pre✓ airports at over 200 participating airports in the US.

Other Trusted Traveller Programs

Keep in mind that TSA Pre✓ is not the only trusted traveler program, Other programs include CLEAR, SENTRI, Global Entry, and NEXUS. Each program has its unique features and is designed to meet the need of specific travelers. Fortunately finding out which is the right program for you is relatively simple and the Department of Homeland Security has created a matching tool, to let you find the best program for you.

Credit Card Statement Credits

If you are thinking of enrolling in a trusted traveler program, remember that cards like the Chase Sapphire Reserve® provides a $100 statement credit towards enrollment in Global Entry or TSA Pre✓, amongst all the other benefits and features it offers. Other cards that provide similar statement credits including The Platinum Card® from American Express, and the Mastercard® Black Card™.

TSA pre check
TSA pre check

Final Thoughts

It is great news whenever a new airline or location joins TSA Pre✓; regular travelers would like to enjoy their airport experience, as opposed to spending a long time waiting to clear airport security. Enrollment in TSA Pre✓ means reduced ques at security, and you can spend more time airside in the lounge than at a checkpoint.