Titan Airways Will Replace Boeing 757s With Airbus A321LRs

Titan Airways will be taking delivery of two brand-new Airbus A321LRs in late summer 2020, ready to begin operation in the autumn. The two new Airbus A321LRs will replace Titan’s two Boeing 757s.

Titan Airways Airbus A321LR
Titan Airways will receive two shiny new Airbus A321LRs in the summer. Photo: Titan Airways

Yesterday, UK-based charter airline Titan Airways announced two new additions to its fleet. The airline will receive two brand-new Airbus A321LRs later this year as it looks to replace its aging Boeing 757s.

In addition to its new Airbus A321LRs, Titan Airways will also add a leased Airbus A330 in the spring. According to reports by Flight Global, the airline is looking to transition to an all-Airbus fleet.

Titan’s new Airbus A321LRs

Titan Airways has revealed some of the specific details around its two new aircraft, which it says have been custom-outfitted by Airbus Corporate Jets for “maximum passenger comfort in a variety of cabin configurations.”

The Airbus A321LRs will be fitted with CFM International Leap-1A engines which will help reduce CO2 emissions and burn 25% less fuel than the Boeing 757s they are replacing.

Titan Airways has also opted to fit each aircraft with three Additional Center Tanks (ACT), which will allow them to significantly increase their fuel capacity. As a result, they will have a total range of around 4,000 nautical miles.

Titan Airways Boeing 737-300
Titan Airways is transitioning away from Boeing. Photo: Aero Icarus via Flickr

Cabin layout

For a business-oriented charter airline like Titan Airways, the interior of its aircraft is very important for its business model.

Each of the two aircraft will feature significantly different cabin layouts. The first of the two Airbus A321LRs will be fitted with 195 standard seats in a single-class configuration. The second will be split into two different classes, with 168 standard seats at the rear and 16 premium seats at the front.

As reported by Flight Global, Titan Airways also plans to offer an all-business configuration on behalf of TCS World Travel. The configuration for the luxury tour operator will be 52 lie-flat seats.

In terms of the seats themselves, Titan Airways says it has chosen Acro Series 6 seats for its economy class and Acro Series 7 seats for premium. Additionally, both aircraft will be fitted with high-speed WiFi and Airbus’s own OSP in-flight entertainment system.

A move away from Boeing

Titan Airways is bringing in the two new Airbus A321LRs to replace its Boeing 757s-200s. Both of these two Boeing 757s are on lease and are now over 20 years old.

Titan Airways Boeing 757
Titan Airways will be replacing its Boeing 757s with Airbus A321LRs. Photo: Aleem Yousaf via Wikimedia Commons

A look at Titan Airways’ current fleet reveals a pretty even split between various Airbus and Boeing types.

But, as the airline has already announced, it will be transitioning to an all-Airbus fleet in the near future. With the two Boeing 757s and the Boeing 767 in Titan’s fleet already on their way out, the only remaining Boeing type will be the Boeing 737, of which Titan currently has two in service.

Simple Flying has reached out to Titan Airways for comment on the new additions to its fleet, but the airline has not yet been available to respond.