Here Are The Best Airlines To Fly In 2019 – According To The Experts… has released their annual list of the world’s top airlines. The top 10 airlines don’t contain any major surprises, however, VietJet won the award for the best ultra-low-cost airline. The second year in a row it has won the accolade. Judged by seven editors with over 200 hours of industry experience, This year saw Singapore Airlines claim the top spot. The criteria used for the judging includes passenger reviews, product offerings, and fleet age, in addition to a number of other criteria. Interestingly, all of the airlines featured in the top 10 this year are based in 2 continents, Asia and Australia.

10. Japan Airlines

Japan Airlines, or JAL for short, secured the 10th spot. Based out of Tokyo, JAL is the flag carrier of Japan. The airline currently operates an all Boeing fleet of 164 aircraft, however, has 31 A350 aircraft on order, in addition to a number of Mitsubishi MRJ90 aircraft. The airline announced back in August that it was introducing new business class seats on its Osaka to Los Angeles service shortly after being named a 5-star airline.

Top Airlines
Japan Airlines is expecting 31 A350 aircraft. Photo: Airbus

9. Cathay Pacific

With the arrival of new A350 aircraft, Cathay Pacific has secured the 9th spot. The airline is based out of Hong Kong, acting as the nation’s flag carrier. The carrier has an active fleet of 150 aircraft, with more A350 and the new B777x still on order. Cathay Pacific is currently a part of the OneWorld alliance, however, they could feasibly be the next airline to leave.

8. EVA Air

Taiwan’s EVA Air features in the top ten for the first time this year. The airline received its first Boeing 787 Dreamliner in October. As such the airline now has 76 active aircraft. It is taking part in the Battle for Seattle, launching additional services making a total of 10 per week.

7. All Nippon Airways

The second largest Airline in Japan also ranks in the best airlines, 3 places above its flag carrier competitor. The airline has the largest fleet yet, clocking in at 231 Boeing and Airbus aircraft. As such, the airline operates a route all over the world to 97 destinations.

Here Are The Best Airlines To Fly In 2019 – According To The Experts…
ANA plans to begin operations with A380s in 2019. Photo: Airbus

6. Emirates

Sixth in the list of top 10 airlines is Emirates, the Middle East carrier who recently launched a brand new first class offering. The airline ranked highly despite recently announcing that profits had dropped by 53%. Emirates operates a fleet exclusively made up of long-haul B777 and A380 aircraft. With a total of 267 aircraft, the airline is the world’s largest A380 operator, flying 105 aircraft of the type.

5. Virgin Australia

Virgin Australia operates a fleet of 93 Airbus and Boeing aircraft. The majority of these are the B737. The Australian carrier mainly focuses on flights around Australasia, however, also operates as far afield as Los Angeles and Abu Dhabi.

4. Qatar

The second One World airline to make the cut is Qatar. However, Qatar is also reportedly ready to leave the alliance. The flag carrier airline operates a fleet of 225 aircraft. Despite being blocked from flying in most of the airspace surrounding the country, it operates many international destinations and is known for its business class suites.

Top Airlines
Qatar Airways ranked number 3 out of the 10 best airlines.

3. Qantas

Fellow OneWorld Airline Qantas ranks within the top 3 global airlines for 2019. The airline is currently looking to launch non stop flights between London and Sydney within the next 5 years. As such, Qantas is expected to place an order for new aircraft in 2019. Qantas, the Australian flag carrier, operates a fleet of 130 aircraft, including 12 A380s.

2. Air New Zeland

Air New Zeland clutches the second best spot this year. The airline flies around the world from its hub in Auckland. The New Zealand Flag carrier has a fleet of 62 Airbus and Boeing aircraft. The carrier flies from Auckland to London via a stop at Los Angeles.

1. Singapore Airlines

Claiming the top spot is Singapore Airlines. The airline reportedly claimed the top spot due to a combination of factors including a new suites product, and the resumption of non-stop flights between Singapore and New York.’s Editor-in-Chief, Geoffrey Thomas, commented: “In our objective analysis Singapore Airlines came out number one in many of our audit criteria, which is a great performance.” Singapore Airlines operates a modest fleet of 122 aircraft from Airbus and Boeing, including the A350ULR with only two classes.

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