Transfer Citi ThankYou Points To Avianca LifeMiles With A 25% Bonus 0

You can now transfer Citi ThankYou point to Avianca LifeMiles with a bonus of 25%. The bonus is valid on transfers through December 12, 2018. During the promotion, you will receive 1,250 Avianca LifeMiles for every 1,000 Citi ThankYou points.

The Deal

  • Offer is valid on transfers through December 12, 2018, 11:59 PM ET
  • Earn a 25% bonus on transfers of Citi ThankYou points to LifeMiles
  • The bonus is hardcoded in the transfer ratio, and you will receive 1,250 miles for every 1,000 points

Is It Worth transferring points

If you are looking for a premium cabin award that will set you back several 10s of thousands of points transferring points even with a 25% bonus does not make much sense. Historically Avianca offers Life Miles for sale with extremely generous bonuses ranging from 125% to 145%. Recently in September, we saw a bonus o 125%, and again in August, we saw a bonus of 125%. These bonuses typically occur four to five times per year.

Not only does Avianca offer generous promotions on the purchase of points, but also allows you to purchase up to 200,000 points per calendar year. This combination can make miles purchases incredible value, purchasing 200,000 miles with a 125% bonus you end up 450,000 miles which is enough for a significant number of business class and first class redemptions.

We value Citi ThankYou Points at 1.7 cents apiece. You are better off keeping your points for other transfer options and purchasing LifeMiles. If you only need a few thousand LifeMiles to hit a specific redemption, then this promotion can make sense.

Remember you can also transfer Amex Membership Rewards to LifeMiles, and from December you should also be able to transfer Capital One Venture Miles as well.

Final Thoughts

This promotion is a great option if you are looking to top up your Avianca LifeMiles account, for a specific redemption. Due to the transfer ratio, and the normal big bonuses associated with purchasing Avianca LifeMiles, you are better of buying the bulk of your miles and using transfers to top up your account when needed.

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