Turkish Airline’s First Airbus A350 Has Been Spotted In Toulouse

The very first Airbus A350-900 for Turkish Airlines has been spotted in Toulouse. The aircraft was seen in a state of almost completion, although full livery and winglets are still required. This is the first of 25 A350 aircraft on order by the airline.

Turkish Airlines A350
The first Turkish Airlines A350 has been spotted in Toulouse. Photo: Airbus

Turkish A350 spotted!

Happy faces all round on Twitter today as Flying Dispatcher at TLS Airport Clément Alloing shared some great images of the first Turkish A350-900. Complete with all its body parts (save for those winglets), landing gear and beautifully painted Turkish tail, the A350 headed out of the factory on tow. Registered TC-LPA once completed this will be the first A350 to join the Turkish fleet.

As you can see from the photos, the A350 is yet to be furnished with its winglets. It’s also barely got any livery, sporting just the Turkish tail. The airliner has been spotted a few times previously in various states of completion, but this is the most completed look we’ve got at it yet.

What’s new on the A350?

Apart from being a brand new aircraft type to Turkish, the A350 will feature a brand new business class cabin for the airline. Following in the footsteps of the likes of Virgin Atlantic, British Airways and Air France, Turkish will debut a new level of comfort on this, its newest aircraft type.

Stelia Aerospace has been contracted to provide the seats, padded with Alcantara, just like you’d find in your Lamborghini (we wish!). As expected, the seats will be fully lie flat, with a privacy screen for middle seats to allow for conversation or not as desired.

Turkish A350
Turkish Airlines’ A350 will feature new business class. Photo: Turkish Airlines

All the business class seats will have 44” of pitch, with an 18” touchscreen IFE screen and some bespoke finishes that set it apart from the competition. Those familiar with business class offerings will recognize the seat from Singapore Airlines, although the Turkish take on it will be markedly different.

There’s no news yet on whether Turkish have made changes further back in the plane. Hopefully, as with Virgin and Air France, they’ll have updated the economy section and improved the premium economy cabin too. More importantly, we seriously hope they’ve opted for the stunning tail cam!

Where can you fly the Turkish A350?

The A350 is being scheduled by Turkish on a number of routes for the summer 2020 season. From the 13th April onwards Turkish will deploy it on the London route, and on the Dubai route from the 14th April 2020. This will be followed by deployment four times a week on the Istanbul to Los Angeles route from July.  Routes to Sao Paulo Guarulhos and through Sao Paulo to Buenos Aires Ezeiza will begin on the 13th July 2020.

As well as this, the airliner will be used on the Istanbul to Bangkok service from the 11th August 2020. The flights will operate three times per week, on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, replacing an A330-300 service on those days.

The A350 was placed on New York JFK routes from IST from the 25th of October also but was removed from this schedule earlier in the month. It was also placed on routes to Montreal, Seoul and Washington Dulles, all of which have been replaced.

It’s clear that the airline is still figuring out which route will work best for its shiny new A350 aircraft. However the schedules end up looking, we can’t wait to see this beautiful new bird take off.