Turkish Airlines Debuts A New High Fashion Uniform

Marking the opening of Turkish Airline’s new home at the new Istanbul airport, the flag carrier airline has launched a new uniform.

Having celebrated its 85th anniversary in May, the airline launched its new cabin crew uniform to create a fresh look. Flying to more countries than any other airline, Turkish teamed up with designer Haute Couturier Ettore Bilotta. While the collection of uniforms is primarily red and grey, it features traditional Turkish patterns.

Turkish Airlines New Uniform
The new uniform will be launched in October. Photo: Turkish Airlines

Unique & Recognisable

Described as “unique & recognisable” by the airline, this new collection features hats, gloves, dresses, bags, and accessories. The new uniform incorporates classic components of Turkish culture and design, including patterns which would traditionally be found in ceramics, calligraphy, and glassware in Istanbul. It consequently symbolises the “dynamic energy” which flows though the country’s capital city between the East and West.

Istanbul Inspiration

Commenting on the new Uniform, the designer said “When I started to design for Turkish Airlines, the first thing that inspired me was Istanbul. This city has been a melting pot for art and civilisation for centuries and has a rare richness as a common heritage of many cultures. I wanted to bring elements from traditional calligraphy  and mosaics together with the new interpretations of Turkish motifs, which emphasise modern lines, into foulards and ties to reflect a contrast and duality.”

Turkish Airlines New Uniform
The new uniform draws on the colours and designs of Istanbul. Photo: Turkish Airlines

While the uniform has been designed to look fashionable, it is also practical. It was trialled rigorously on long haul flights to a whole host of different climates, ensuring that the uniform is not only comfy to wear, but fit for all purposes. Cabin crew don’t want to be stepping off an aircraft in sub zero temperatures wearing shorts and skirts. Likewise, they don’t want to be stepping off in warmer climates wearing especially thick materials.

Flight trials are an important part of introducing a new product to any flights. LATAM recently announced brand new cabins across its fleet. Before doing this 360 evaluations were completed by cabin crew, customers, and senior LATAM staff. The airline even went as far as to carry out sleep trials during simulated flights.

Turkish Uniform Market
The new uniform will “bring elements from traditional calligraphy and mosaics together”. Photo: Turkish Airlines

Colourful Photography

British Photographer Miles Aldridge shot Turkish Airlines’ promotional images of the new uniform. The photos were shot against the vibrant, colourful background of Istanbul, where the new uniform will be launched in October. The new airport in Istanbul is expected to open on October 29th, to coincide with the country’s Republic Day. Unfortunately the airline doesn’t appear to have released a lego version of the new uniform yet.

Speaking about the new uniform Chairman of the Turkish Airlines board of executives said:

Turkish Airlines is always thrilled to collaborate with such creative and distinctive talents which blend elegant and practical design. While maintaining traditional elements of Turkish design and culture, our new uniforms are professional and stay true to a culture of hospitality, just like our airline.

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