Turkish Airlines Uses Widebodies On 27 European Routes

Turkish Airlines is well known for operating widebodies from its Istanbul Airport hub on routes across Europe. And with 27 such destinations in January, the new year doesn’t disappoint. Five widebody types and variants will be used, with Amsterdam having more widebody service than any other airport.

Turkish Airlines Airbus A350 Getty
Turkish Airlines will deploy the A350-900 from Istanbul to Amsterdam, Heathrow, and Berlin in January. The German capital will see the type just once (on the 4th). Photo: Getty Images.

Up to 32 daily widebody flights to Europe

In January, Turkish Airlines will have approximately 4,300 departures from Istanbul Airport to destinations across Europe, according to the schedules it submitted to OAG. This excludes domestic flights and those to the Caucasian countries of Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Georgia, which are sometimes added.

Widebodies have about 736 of these 4,300 or nearly one in every five outbound flights. That might not sound a lot, but up to 32 twin-aisle flights will serve Europe daily. More than this, the A330-300 is Turkish Airlines’ second most-used aircraft to Europe, behind only the A321ceo/neo. The breakdown of widebodies is as follows.

  1. A330-300: 11.8% of all Turkish Airlines’ January departures to Europe
  2. A330-200: 2.0%
  3. B787-9: 2.0%
  4. B777-300ER: 1.0%
  5. A350-900: 0.3%
Turkish Airlines widebody arrivals and departures to Europe
A considerable volume of widebody departures (shown in green) leave for Europe between 08:00 and 08:59. That’s because aircraft flew overnight from Asia, Africa, and beyond, before departing to Europe. This ensures higher widebody use and that the peak period of demand uses larger-capacity aircraft. Image: OAG.

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Amsterdam has the most widebodies

The 1,359-mile (2,188km) link from Istanbul to Amsterdam has more flights by Turkish Airlines’ twin-aisles than any other destination. It surpasses London Heathrow and even London at city-level when Gatwick is included.

  1. Amsterdam
  2. London Heathrow
  3. Paris CDG
  4. Kyiv Boryspil
  5. Madrid
  6. Moscow Vnukovo
  7. Düsseldorf
  8. Berlin
  9. Frankfurt
  10. Dublin

Amsterdam has four to five daily flights in January, 82% of which are by widebodies. Most days will see the A321 too. However, on the 9th and 10th, five departures will be by widebodies, leaving Istanbul at 08:45, 11:45, 13:30, 15:10, and 19:35. Almost all will be the A330, but one will see the B777-300ER (TK1951, 08:45 on the 9th) and the A350-900 (the same flight on the 10th).

Turkish Airlines widebody routes across Europe January 2022
Amsterdam alone has 15% of all widebody departures. Image: GCMap.

A matter of proportion

No European destination has only widebody service in January. All see narrowbodies, just in wildly varying proportions. With nine in ten flights, Madrid has a higher share of twin-aisles than any other route, followed by Amsterdam (82%), Dublin (72%), Heathrow (70%), and Kyiv Boryspil (66%).

In contrast, Hamburg, Hannover, London Gatwick, Rome Fiumicino, Stuttgart, and Vienna will all see them less than 5% of the time. They’ll have just one or two flights in the month. For example, just two of Hamburg’s 76 monthly departures are by widebodies, on January 5th and 7th. The A330-200 has the honor.

Meanwhile, Hannover, Stuttgart, and Vienna will see a twin-aisle just once, on January 2nd (Stuttgart) and 9th (Vienna and Hannover). While the two German airports have seen them irregularly every year, they’ve been used more frequently to Vienna.

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