Turkish Airlines Gets its First A321neo


Turkish Airlines, Turkey’s flag carrier, has significantly expanded its Airbus fleet recently as part of a greater objective to increase its stability in the aviation market and maintain its competitive advantage. The carrier has officially taken delivery of its maiden Airbus A321neo in a Cabin Flex configuration delivered from Germany on the 13th of July, 2018. The newly received aircraft provides a seating capacity of up to 240 passengers, offering cost reductions for the company. However, Turkish Airlines has chosen to fly the A321neo in a 186 seating capacity version, with 20 Business Class seats and 162 Economy Class seats.

More A321neo in two years

Plans are that the A321neo ACF will become the standard used aircraft by Turkish Airlines in two years, although today it is merely an option that is just now embraced. The version of the aircraft is also the base version of the A321LR and the similarities between the two airplanes are numerous. The aviation market has already positively reacted to the A321neo as more than 1,900 orders for the aircraft have already been received by Airbus. The main benefit of the airplane is a fuel reduction of 15 percent from the first day of use and a potential for the reduction to grow to 20 percent by 2020, bringing significant cost savings for companies employing the plane.

TK will use the new aircraft on their busiest flights

Turkish Airlines have shared that the main use of the aircraft will be employing it on busier flights, allowing the carrier to provide fares at lower costs on Economy services. Furthermore, there is a potential of Turkish Airlines using the A321neo for long-range services on flights over the Atlantic. As the aircraft is fully capable of flying non-stop for around eight hours, it is likely that the carrier will soon announce new destinations to already tapped regions such as the Americas, Asia and increase its flight frequency to regions in Europe.

The addition of the new aircraft is expected to not only expand the network reach of the carrier but to also improve significantly the customer experience for passengers in-flight. Quality of service is something the airline takes very seriously. The company has been named as “Europe’s Best Airline” for 5 consecutive years according to the Skytrax survey.