Turkish Airlines Announces A Triangle Flight To Mexcio City & Cancun

Exciting things are coming for Turkish Airlines customers who’d like to visit Mexico. The airline is commencing services to not one, but two destinations. The airline will be using the same flight to service both. Three times a week Turkish Airlines will be operating a flight to both Mexico City and Cancun, but rather than using one as a stopover, the airline will operate the route like a triangle. Passengers hoping to get to Cancun from Istanbul will have to travel via Mexico City. Likewise, passengers from Mexico City to Istanbul will have to fly via Cancun.

Turkish Airlines Mexico
Turkish Airlines will fly from Istanbul to Mexico City to Cancun to Istanbul. Photo: GCMaps


TK181 will be Turkish Airlines first flight to Mexico. This is actually something that has been rumoured for a while. As no legs overlap, the whole flight is covered by the same flight number. That is to say, TK181 applies from when the aircraft departs from Istanbul until it returns there two days later.

While the flight schedule varies quite a bit after initially launching, the base schedule appears to be as follows:

  • TK181 Istanbul to Mexico City departs 2055 and arrives 0410 the next day;
  • TK181 Mexico City to Cancun departs 0530 arrives 0750;
  • TK181 Cancun to Istanbul departs 0920 arrives 0525 the next day.
Turkish Airlines Mexico
Turkish Airlines will operate the new route with a B787-9. Photo: Boeing

The flight is not set to launch until August 21st 2019. As such, the airline has plenty of time to prepare for the route. One of the most important preparations will be the delivery of brand new B787-9 aircraft. These are being hotly awaited by some and will serve the Mexican triangle. Why is the B787-9 hotly awaited you ask? The aircraft will be the first to debut the new business class which Turkish is to bring out. Simple Flying previously reported that this will supposedly feature the same seat as some Singapore Airlines aircraft.

Turkish Airlines Business Class
Turkish Airline’s supposed new business class.

Why Mexico City to Cancun?

The triangle route is something which is no stranger to Turkish Airlines. Due to the altitude of Mexico City, it would be difficult, if not impossible to fly direct to Istanbul. As such, the aircraft hops across to Cancun to refuel. This is much like BA001 does on its journey from London City to New York via Shannon. As the flight from Mexico City to Cancun is domestic, Turkish Airlines cannot sell tickets for that route. Currently, Turkish Airlines isn’t selling tickets to and from Cancun which further indicates that this is the potential reason. This means at present, Cancun is purely a fuel stop, however, it’s possible that tickets will eventually go on sale for Cancun. After all, the aircraft spends a whole 90 minutes on the ground there.

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