Remarkable: Turkish Airlines Plans Record Summer To The US

Turkish Airlines plans a record summer to the US, with more flights from Istanbul than ever before. Some 132 weekly departures are bookable – about 19 daily – up enormously over the pre-pandemic. We check it out.

Turkish Airlines B777-300ER
The B777-300ER remains Turkish Airlines’ leading aircraft to the US, but only just. Photo: Vincenzo Pace | Simple Flying.

Turkish Airlines’ record summer to the US

In summer 2022, Turkish Airlines will serve 11 destinations across the US. Based on a week in mid-July (randomly chosen by the author), there will be 132 departures from Istanbul. Over half of the 11 routes will be served at least twice-daily.

  • New York JFK: three-daily
  • Chicago: twice-daily
  • Los Angeles: twice-daily
  • Miami: twice-daily
  • San Francisco: twice-daily
  • Washington: twice-daily
  • Boston: 10-weekly
  • Houston: 10-weekly
  • Atlanta: once-daily
  • Dallas: once-daily
  • Newark: once-daily
Turkish Airlines Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner TC-LLM (1)
The use of the B787-9 to the US has grown significantly. Photo: Vincenzo Pace | Simple Flying.

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US flights are up by three-quarters

Outbound flights have increased from 75 in summer 2019, a pre-pandemic period that feels a long time ago, to 132 next summer. They have risen by more than three-quarters (76%), an astonishing increase in a relatively short period – especially when coronavirus is considered.

This growth has been partly driven by the reintroduction of Newark in May after an absence of 27 years together with the inauguration of Dallas – Turkish Airlines’ latest US destination – in  September.

It is also from multiple frequency increases, with Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, San Francisco, and Washington all doubling to twice-daily. Houston and Boston have 43% more flights, while Atlanta finally becomes daily, up from five-weekly, helped by using smaller aircraft.

Turkish Airlines to the US a look at summer
While 2022 has seen a big jump, it is effectively where it might have been had the evident slowdown (from multiple different impacts) not occurred. Source of data: OAG.

The B787-9 will play a crucial role to the US

Turkish Airlines will deploy the B777-300ER, B787-9, and A330-300 to the US next year in this examined July week. The B777 will be used on 60 departures (45% of the total), only marginally ahead of the fast-growing B787 (58 and 44%). The A330 will follow with 14 departures (10%) exclusively to Boston and Newark.

There is a straightforward pattern. Generally speaking, the B777 – the highest-density aircraft used – is deployed on the well-established afternoon services. In contrast, lower-capacity B787s are used in the morning, with this period when additional departures have been added.

The B787 tends to be used on newer routes, as seen below based on Wednesday, July 13th. Availability of the B787 will likely also influence when additional routes to the US begin.

  • 01:10: departure to Miami by the B787-9
  • 06:30: Chicago; B787-9
  • 07:45: JFK; B787-9
  • 08:25: Los Angeles; B777-300ER
  • 08:25: San Francisco; B787-9
  • 08:25: Houston; B787-9
  • 08:30: Washington; B787-9
  • 13:15: Los Angeles; B777-300ER
  • 13:15: San Francisco; B777-300ER
  • 13:30: JFK; B777-300ER
  • 13:40: Miami; B777-300ER
  • 14:05: Dallas; B787-9
  • 14:10: Houston; B777-300ER
  • 14:15: Chicago; B777-300ER
  • 14:50: Boston; A330-300
  • 15:00: Washington; B777-300ER
  • 15:05: Atlanta; B787-9
  • 18:40: Newark; A330-300
  • 18:45: JFK; B777-300ER
Turkish Airlines US network
Eleven destinations in the US are served. At least three more may be coming. Image: GCMap.

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Denver, Detroit, Seattle are coming

While start dates are unknown, Turkish Airlines has indicated that Detroit and Seattle are to begin. This is on top of Denver, which was revealed when Dallas – which has since started – was first mentioned. The routes are likely to start, subject to B787 availability and perhaps the performance of Dallas.

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