Turkish Airlines Expands Singapore Service With New 787 Dreamliner

Turkish Airlines has expanded it’s Boeing 787 Dreamliner operation with a direct route between Singapore and Istanbul. This new aircraft deployment will replace a 777-300ER currently serving the route (and will bring with it an exciting new business class).

Turkish Airlines Mexico
The new 787-9 Dreamliner from Turkish Airways Photo: Boeing

What are the details?

Turkish Airlines has revealed that they will be deploying a brand new Boeing 787 on their very popular Istanbul Singapore route, as reported by Routes Online.

Not just satisfied with improving the quality of the aircraft, they will also be increasing the services from seven to eleven times a week. This route will link two of the world’s most developed airports; the new Istanbul International Airport, and the famous Singapore Changi Airport.

Turkish Airlines Expands Singapore Service With New 787 Dreamliner
The route between the two airports. Photo: GC Maps

The new schedule is as follows:

Flight number: TK054
Istanbul 0200 AM – 1750 Singapore – The new Boeing 787-9 service.
Flight number: TK022
Istanbul 1825 PM – 1015+1 Singapore (The next day) – This service is still operated by the Boeing 777-300ER.

Flight number: TK023
Singapore 1145 – 1745 Istanbul – The new Boeing 787-9 service
Flight number: TK055
Singapore 2325 – 0525+1 Istanbul – This service is still operated by the Boeing 777-300ER.

The new Dreamliner flights operate on Monday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday.

However, the only disappointing news from this story is that the service will not begin until June 2020, just under a year away.

What is the new business class like?

This new Boeing 787 will be a great upgrade to the slightly tired Boeing 777-300ER that currently operates the route. You can see our review of the 777 here.

But, as mentioned in the review, there is something a little old fashioned in the Turkish Airlines Boeing 777-300ER business class. Specifically, the middle throne seat in the 2-3-2 configuration.

The new Boeing 787-9 business class has taken a different approach. The new cabin is in a 1-2-1 configuration, with every seat having aisle access and privacy. They are ordered in such a way that every second row, the two seats are close enough to allow couples some intimacy if traveling together (although the divider is fixed and the single seats do not fold out into a double bed).

Turkish Airlines 787-10
Turkish Airlines has a 1-2-1 configuration in business class. Photo: Turkish Airlines via Twitter

The food and service onboard Turkish Airlines is excellent, and this improvement to their hard seating product (away from the oddities of the 777-300ER) is a game-changer.

Turkish Airlines new business class on their 787-9. Photo: Turkish Airlines

In the review, this author mentioned, “Upon check-in, I was offered to upgrade to Business for $850 AUD / $600 USD for the leg, but it was a little bit much for an 11-hour flight”. In our opinion, it might not be worth it for the 777-300ER flight, but if offered for the new 787 that would be an easy upgrade.

Whilst it will take some time to fully roll out this new business class product to the rest of the Turkish Airways fleet, the inclusion of this aircraft on this route gives passengers the option now to fly in one of the best buisness class products in the sky.

What do you think? Will you fly on the new Turkish Airways 787? Let us know in the comments.