4 US Routes To Be Relaunched By Turkish Airlines This Month

Turkish Airlines is finally back in the air. And it would seem it intends to go further West than the European routes re-launched with subsidiary AnadoluJet over the past couple of days. Before the end of June, the carrier plans to add the US destinations of Chicago, Washington DC, Miami, and Los Angeles back to its schedule.

Turkish Airlines new airport getty images
Turkish Airlines is recommencing transatlantic flights from Istanbul’s new airport. Photo: Getty Images

The delay of permits for international flights put a wrench in Turkish Airlines’ plans to recommence routes on June 10th. Now it would seem the Star Alliance member can finally implement a gradual return to its ordinarily substantial international network.

Four US routes three times a week

While still only a bare-bones version of its pre-crisis former self, it is good to see a few transatlantic routes back on the Turkish flag carrier’s map.

On June 19th, Turkish Airlines will begin flying three times a week from Istanbul to Chicago O’Hare (ORD) and Washington Dulles (IAD). On June 22nd, it will commence a thrice-weekly service to Miami (MIA), and on June 24th, to Los Angeles (LAX), also with the same frequency.

It is not the ten US destinations the airline usually flies nonstop to, and of course, nowhere near the 204 US cities it offers when combined with partner airline United. However, it is a start to getting the Turkey-US air travel connections back up and running.

Turkish Airlines Vancouver
By the end of the month, Turkish will be operating thrice-weekly services to Chicago, Washington DC, Miami, and Los Angeles. Photo: Boeing

Flights to Asia

The airline, which ceased all international traffic apart from repatriation missions and cargo-only flights on March 28th, says it is working diligently to increase the number of international flights.

Apart from once more heading westwards, Turkish Airlines’ planes will also make their way east. The carrier will begin flying to Shanghai (June 19th, once a week), Hong Kong, and Seoul (June 24th, twice weekly).

Furthermore, it is adding routes throughout Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and Central Asia. Beginning today, Turkish Airlines is once more flying to Doha twice per week. June 16th will see flights recommence to Biskek, the 17th to Minsk, the 18th to Dusanbe, and the 21st to Almaty, all thrice-weekly.

Port Harcourt, Turkish Airlines, Airbus A330
Turkish is also adding routes eastwards. Photo: Getty Images

HES code for travel

Since June 6th, all passengers have to have what is called a HES (Hayat Eve Sığar) code to be allowed to travel, both domestically and internationally. The HES code is a ten or 12 digit number that must be used when booking domestic or international tickets from Turkey. 

The Ministry of Health will check the HES codes 24 hours before departure. Passengers will then be notified as to their status. Those who are not approved by the Ministry as a result of having been in recent contact with someone testing positive for COVID-19 will not be allowed to fly.

The code can be obtained via the Hayat Eve Sığar mobile app or text and must be valid for at least seven days after the intended flight.

Will you be getting on one of Turkish Airlines’ flights soon? How do you feel about contact tracing via a personal code? Let us know in the comments.