Turkmenistan Airlines Orders A Single Boeing 777-200LR

Yesterday at the Paris Air Show, Turkmenistan Airlines made the announcement that it would be adding a single Boeing 777-200LR to its fleet. In fact, the national carrier of Turkmenistan will now have a total of four of the Boeing widebody aircraft.

Turkmenistan Airlines Orders A Single Boeing 777-200LR
This new order will be the fourth 777 for the Turkmenistan Airlines fleet. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

The aircraft list price is set at $346.9 million. However, it is commonly known that airlines rarely pay the full price as other incentives and negotiation tactics can lower the cost.

Ihssane Mounir, senior vice president of commercial sales and marketing for The Boeing Company spoke of the longstanding relationship between the two corporations and said the following about the aircraft purchase:

“The 777 is the world’s most successful twin-engine, long-haul airplane and the 777-200LR is the right airplane to help Turkmenistan Airlines grow its international operations in Europe, Asia and beyond…Turkmenistan Airlines and Boeing have been partners since 1992 and we are honored by their continued faith and confidence in Boeing airplanes.”

About the Boeing 777-200LR

With a maximum range of 15,843 kilometers (8,555 nmi), the Boeing 777-200LR is the longest range commercial airplane in the world. Boeing claims that this long range variant “carries more passengers and revenue cargo farther than any other jetliner”. In a two-class configuration, the 777-200 carries as many as 317 passengers.

According to Wikipedia, Delta Air Lines and Emirates are the largest operators of the LR variant. Each airline operates 10 of the aircraft. We recently wrote about how British Airways is planning to renew their aging fleet of 777-200s (non-LR). You can read about it here.

The Turkmenistan fleet and destinations

Founded in 1992 as a state-owned airline, Turkmenistan Airlines has a total commercial fleet of 17 aircraft. These aircraft are based in the nation’s capital city: Ashgabat. Other aircraft types in use include the Boeing 737 and 757.

Turkmenistan Airlines Orders A Single Boeing 777-200LR
Turkmenistan Airlines also has three Boeing 757s in its fleet. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

According to Boeing, the airline transports approximately 3,000 passengers per day domestically. In total, the airline also serves two million passengers annually on its international and domestic routes.

International destinations flown from Ashgabat include:

  • Yerevan, Armenia
  • Minsk, Belarus
  • Beijing, China
  • Frankfurt, Germany
  • Delhi, India
  • Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  • Birmingham, United Kingdom

According to site MENAFN, the modernization of Turkmenistan’s fleet will allow launching flights from Ashgabat to Jeddah, Medina (Saudi Arabia), Cochin, Ahmedabad (India), Samara (Russia), Hanoi (Vietnam), Vienna (Austria), Sofia (Bulgaria), Budapest (Hungary), Manama (Bahrain), New York (US), Toronto (Canada) till 2020.

In fact, the website is also reporting that other flights planned for launch include Ashgabat to Madrid (Spain), Jakarta (Indonesia), Muscat (Oman), Kuwait (Kuwait), Singapore (Singapore), Sharm El Sheikh, Hurghada, Cairo (Egypt) in 2021-2030.

Turkmenistan Airlines in the news

Just this past February we reported that thousands of passengers were left stranded when air regulators suddenly grounded Turkmenistan Airlines. A ban was in place, keeping the airline from flying to and from anywhere in the EU. This was due to non-specific safety concerns.

However, according to International Flight Network, Turkmenistan Airlines made an announcement in May that it would restart of some of its flights to the European Union.

Turkmenistan Airlines Orders A Single Boeing 777-200LR
The Boeing 777-200LR is capable of connecting any two cities in the world. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

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