Uber Introduces its Own Loyalty Program 0

If you are a regular user of Uber or Uber Eat services, there is some good news on the Horizon. The company has launched its own loyalty program. The new program is called Uber Rewards, and you will be able to earn points and use them to redeem for Uber cash.

Status Levels

The new program will feature four elite status levels, Blue, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond. Blue is the entry level of the program, and everyone will have it once they have enrolled in the program. To achieve Gold status, you will need to earn 500 Uber points. To hit Uber platinum, you will need to earn 2,500 Uber points and to achieve top-tier Diamond status you need to earn 7,500 points.

Status Benefits

The program will offer a pretty wide range of perks and benefits, although how useful they are remains to be seen, after all, what perks can what is essentially a taxi offer.

While most of the perks are not that impressive, priority pickups at airports, which is available to platinum and diamond members, could be very handy especially at busy airports. The three free Uber Eats deliveries are nice perks, although it is not something to get too excited about.

Earning Uber Points

The program has three levels of earning depending on the type of Uber service you are using. You will earn Uber points at the following rates:

  • Spending on Uber Eats and pool trips will earn you one Uber point per dollar
  • Spending on UberX, UberXL, or Select will earn you two Uber point per dollar
  • Spending on Black and Black SUV trips will earn you three Uber point per dollar

While the earning on Uber Eats and pool trips is a little poor and represents a return of 1%, the earning from Uber Black and Black SUV trip is pretty impressive and works out as a return of 3% which is pretty great value.

Redeeming Points

The new loyalty program has a simple redemption formula. Once you accumulate 500 Uber points, they will be converted to $5 of Uber cash and placed in your cash balance. You can then use them normally as regular cash. Depending on how you earn your points this is a redemption rate between 1% or 3%.

Final Thoughts

The fact that Uber is rewarding loyal riders with its own loyalty program is good news for Uber loyalists; although will you change your ride patterns to earn Uber points, we don’t think so!

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