UK Low Cost Carriers React To New Green List With Schedule Increase

While some low-cost carriers don’t seem over the moon with the UK’s new green list, they are making the most of the options that they have. The big three UK low-cost airlines have all announced a whole host of new services to the Balearic Islands and other destinations following their addition to the green list.

Budget airlines
The UK’s low-cost carriers have jumped on the addition of new green list countries. Photo: Getty Images. Photo: Getty Images

There was outrage across the travel industry when the UK government removed Portugal from the green list. This left Gibraltar the only viable green list destination for many, leading to airlines having to cancel planned flight services. It seems that the UK government has redeemed itself slightly with the industry with its latest list. Here’s how each of the big three responded to the new destinations.

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UK low-cost carrier easyJet was the first to announce increased services due to the green list announcement. Late last night, the carrier revealed that it had put an additional 50,000 seats on sale for this summer, targetting the regions such as Malta and the Balearic Islands as they join the green list.

easyJet, Green List, Extra Seats
easyJet has announced 50,000 more seats. Photo: easyJet

However, it wasn’t just new seats launched by the orange Airbus airline. A handful of new routes are also being launched, catering to the specific markets. This includes flights from Bristol and London Luton to Malta, taking its total weekly Malta schedule to 18 flights.


Ryanair was the next airline in line to launch services. Earlier this afternoon, the airline reported that it would up its schedule by four times that of rival easyJet. The Irish LCC is adding 200,000 seats to Malta and the Balearic Islands for July, August, and September.

Ryanair, green list, extra seats
Ryanair upstaged easyJet with four times as many seats as its rival. Photo: Ryanair

While easyJet’s lowest fares to the islands are priced at £27.99, Ryanair wants to go one lower than its rival, with fares starting at £19.99. Passengers can book Ryanair’s low fares until midnight on Sunday. While Ryanair seems happy it can fly to the islands, the airline’s Director of Marketing and Digital, Dara Brady, called for Cyprus, the Canary Islands, and the Greek Islands to also be added to the list.

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What about Wizz?

Within the past half hour at the time of writing, Wizz also announced that it was offering more seats to green list destinations. While Wizz hasn’t outlined how many seats it is adding, it has revealed three new routes from its London Luton base.

Wizz Air, green list, extra seats
Wizz Air revealed three new routes but didn’t comment on the number of seats added. Photo: Wizz Air

A daily Palma de Mallorca service will start on June 30th. Next, twice-weekly flights to Madeira will launch on July 3rd. Finally, on July 15th, flights will launch to Malta four times a week. These flights will accompany a weekly service to Iceland on Saturdays and a thrice-weekly Gibraltar service.

Which airline would you wish to fly to the new green list destinations on? Let us know what you think and why in the comments below!