Ukraine International Airlines Plane Accidentally Shot Down By Missile According To US Media

United States Officials believe that the Ukrainian Boeing 737 that crashed yesterday after departing Tehran was shot down. According to the BBC, multiple US sources have reported that a missile attack is thought to have taken place.

Ukraine 737 Crash
The aircraft came down early yesterday morning. Photo: Getty

Yesterday, the world tragically witnessed the first major plane crash of 2020. A Boeing 737 owned and operated by Ukraine International Airlines came down shortly after departing from Tehran. Unfortunately, there were no survivors as the aircraft was totally destroyed during the incident. Now, the United States reportedly believe the aircraft was shot down. Meanwhile, Sky News is reporting that the United Kingdom government is looking into these reports.

Satellite data

According to Reuters, US officials strongly believe that the aircraft was accidentally brought down by Iranian anti-aircraft missiles. The publication reports that two heat signatures were detected on satellite imagery around two minutes after departure. These could have been surface to air missiles.


It is then reported that, according to a US official, the heat signature of an explosion was detected. This was followed by an observation that the aircraft was on fire as it plummeted to the ground. The Pentagon declined to comment to Reuters, however, the publication further states that the downing of the aircraft was likely accidental and unintentional.

Ukraine 737 crash
The investigation could take many weeks. Photo: Getty Images

The incident came hours after an Iranian attack on US interests in Iraq. As early as yesterday morning, some were suspecting a missile attack. However, thus far Iran has claimed that the aircraft crashed as a result of a mechanical incident.

Yesterday the United States Federal Aviation Administration issued a NOTAM prohibiting US pilots from flying in the area. This was put down to “heightened military activities and increased political tensions in the middle east, which present an inadvertent risk to u.s. civil aviation operations due to the potential for miscalculation or misidentification.”


Additionally, many carriers have been avoiding overflying Iran and Iraq since the incident unfurled. One example was British Airways who was yesterday diverting aircraft around the area, or to alternate destinations. A couple of its flights were even close to entering Iraqi airspace when they turned away.

Ukraine 737 crash
177 people are thought to have lost their lives. Photo: Getty Images

Avoiding the area has continued through today. Flights from London to Dubai usually pass right through the affected area, however, one of British Airways’ flights on the route instead tracked south through Italy, and cut across the Saudi Arabian desert.

A British Airways spokesperson yesterday told Simple Flying:
We are in constant contact with our partners around the world to assess the security of our routes, and will always take action where appropriate. We would never operate a flight unless it was safe to do so.


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High Mile Club

The responses Iran gave on the incident along with preventing crash investigators from other countries to get a look have also been painting a sketchy picture about what really happened. Not to mention that the b***k boxes were ‘damaged’…


Armand… Canada said it also you muppet.

Gerry S

Did not want to even think that it was shot down. Now reality bites. It seems certain. More innocents totally unrelated to the conflicts below removed from the face of our planet for all time. God Bless them all.

Charles Bolland

That idiot Trump is the root cause of this, he is making the Middle East more dangerous and volatile.

Daniel Baglietto Seymour

I believe that airlines like BA and others that are avoiding Iraqi+Iranian airspace are doing the correct thing in protecting lives.In the end all airlines are going to follow El Al s example of not overflying these countries airspace.First they come for the Jews and now for the Christians! I wonder how much discounted oil will Iran negogiate with the France in order for the French BEA to say what Iran wants them to say after “analysing” the Ukraine International Airlines 737 b***k boxes.

Gerry S

That idiot Trump is the root cause of this. He is making the Middle East more dangerous and volatile. _(needed to be reinforced)

Phillip Parrish

I’m baffled about the significance of the b***k boxes. Likely irrelevant after the first b**g and most assuredly worthless after the second b**g. And God only knows what they have been subjected to over the past 3 days. But still… what is the obsession over 2 useless flight data recorders? Is this some ancient Shia mind trick being cast upon the weak? The crash area was bulldozed and raked clean following the last body being removed. (Pictures from locals and satellite confirmation) …. I guess I should stop here. No need to give too much away to those who will always find fault with the US and its leaders.