United Airlines Boeing 757 Skids Off Runway At Newark – Damage Reported


Today at approximately 12:55pm Eastern Daylight Time a United Airlines 757-200 suffered a hard landing at Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR). The aircraft was flying from Denver as flight UA627. As a result of the hard landing, the fuselage and airframe have sustained extensive damage. Many passengers aboard the flight took to social media to share their experiences.

A photo of the damage taken by a passenger. Source: @DuncanGerding Twitter

Shown in photos and reported by various media outlets, it is clear that the aircraft also partially skidded off the runway. As a result, the FAA is saying that the left main landing gear is “stuck in a grassy area”. Other Twitter users mention the plane bouncing two to four times. One individual used the term “porpoise-ing”. According to BoldMethod.com a porpoise landing can be explained as follows:

A porpoise landing is a bounced landing that, if not recovered, results in your plane touching down nose first. If you let it continue, it will set your plane off into a series of “jumps” and “dives”, like a real porpoise.


Social media reactions

With so many passengers onboard during the incident, Twitter has become a source for up-close images of the damage. According to tweets from those aboard, the evacuation was calm and passengers were bused to the terminal.

A view from onboard the aircraft. Source: @DuncanGerding Twitter

Looking at social media images, it would appear that a number of tyres have burst.

An image showing the 757’s burst tyre. Source: @DuncanGerding Twitter

Aircraft evacuated, airport shut down

According to a report from NY Daily News, the airport was immediately shut down. A tweet from the Newark Liberty account reads, “Due to an airport emergency there are currently no arrivals nor departures from Newark Airport…Please check with your carrier before coming to the airport.”


Serving New Jersey but, more significantly, New York City, Newark Liberty Airport is one of the top 15 busiest airports in the United States, according to Where Traveler.


The airport reopened and resumed flights just before 2:54pm local time, when Newark Liberty tweeted the following:

FAA Statement

A statement was released by the United States Federal Aviation Administration. Their official statement is displayed below:

An official FAA Statement on the incident. Photo: Federal Aviation Administration

About the aircraft

The aircraft involved was a Boeing 757. Photo: Flickr user Tomás Del Coro

The aircraft involved is a Boeing 757-200 with registration N26123. At 21.5 years old, the aircraft first started under Continental Airlines and changed to United as the companies merged. The fate of the aircraft is still unknown.

The Boeing 757 was flying from Denver to Newark as UA627. Photo: FlightRadar24.com

This incident, clearly unrelated, follows a hard landing of a Lufthansa Boeing 747 at Philadelphia International Airport two weeks ago. In that incident, a piece of the engine cowling came off. Additionally, in early May a Singapore Airlines A380 experienced a hard landing at Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi, India.