United Is Now Flying A Second 787-10 Dreamliner Ahead Of Inaugural Flight

United Airlines is set to officially launch the B787-10 in January 2019, however, two of the aircraft are already flying. Simple Flying has learnt that United Airlines’ second Boeing 787-10 has begun operations. Following its entry to United’s fleet on December 1st, the aircraft has been performing a number of test flights for United Airlines, however, on 22nd and 23rd of December, it was used for passenger service. This follows the first B787-10 being used for a New York – Los Angeles flight earlier in December.

United B787
United has operated two of its B787-10 on commercial flights already. Photo: United Airlines

The Boeing 787-10

The Boeing 787-10 is Boeing’s latest addition to the hugely successful B787 family. The other aircraft in the B787 family are the -8 which is the original 787, and the -9. While the -10 has a larger capacity than any other aircraft in the family, its range is reduced to compensate. The aircraft has a capacity for 40 more passengers than the -9, however, its range is 1200 nautical miles less than that of its smaller sister. The first B787-10 was delivered to United Airlines back in November. This delivery went ahead despite the aircraft evacuating to Seattle during Hurricane Florence.

The aircraft will be the most fuel-efficient aircraft in the skies, with Ihssane Mounir, a senior Boeing vice president, saying: “With the new 787-10, United will fly the most fuel efficient widebody jet in commercial aviation today. The larger airplane comes with more seats, more cargo capacity, and the same Dreamliner comforts that passengers prefer. We are honored that United, a leading global carrier, has placed its trust in the 787 family, carefully optimizing their network with all three Dreamliner models.”

united 787-10
United’s acquisition of a 787-10 makes it the first carrier to operate the entire 787 Dreamliner family.

January 7th Launch

The first regularly scheduled B787-10 flight operated by United Airlines will occur on January 7th 2019. Departing Los Angeles at 0815. Around 5 hours later the flight is due to land in New York at 1619. As the official inaugural B787-10 flight, all of the 44 seats in the first class cabin are sold out. According to United’s seat map around 75 economy seats are still available onboard the flight. This includes 2 economy plus seats, and 4 preferred seats. After launching on January 10th, the B787-10 is expected to start operating to San Francisco. Following this, it will begin operating to European destinations.

United B787
A fair few economy seats are still available on the inaugural flight. Image: United Airlines

The unscheduled addition of the Boeing 787-10 to flight schedules before January 7th could affect some passengers who wanted to fly on the first passenger flight, however, United will likely still mark the occasion. Additionally, this is the first flight that they were able to book onto the B787-10 specifically. During the previous flights, the B787-10 has operated due to a last minute swap.

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