Breaking: United Airlines Boeing 787 Evacuated In Newark Over Bomb Threat

Breaking news coming out of Newark as a United Airlines Boeing 787 was evacuated after a bomb threat. After arrival at Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR), the aircraft was seen surrounded by various buses and emergency equipment while passengers were disembarked using airstairs.

United 787-10
The threat was made against a Boeing 787-10. Photo: Dylan T via Flickr

The incident

A Twitter user posted images showing the Boeing 787-10 being evacuated on the ground in Newark while surrounded by numerous emergency vehicles.

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The aircraft operating the flight is N12012. The plane had just come in from Los Angeles (LAX) as United flight 2304. United Airlines offered Simple Flying the following statement on the matter:

“United flight 2304 from Los Angeles to Newark, NJ was met by emergency vehicles due to an onboard medical emergency. During the medical emergency onboard, the passenger made a remark which created a potential security concern. The flight landed safely and the customer was transported to a local hospital”

The threat

Any sort of threat in aviation is taken very seriously. After 9/11, countries around the world strengthened their security precautions. If a passenger makes a threat, crew and safety personnel are trained to minimize any negative impacts.

Security airport staff
Security procedures are in place to keep passengers safe. Photo: Getty Images

It is unclear what precisely happened that led to the passenger making the remark. However, no matter whether it was made in jest or as part of a medical incident, the security personnel took the threat seriously and made moves to ensure that passengers and crew are safe. United did not report any injuries resulting from the situation to its customers or crewmembers.  

Back in 2009, many will remember the attempted Christmas Day bombing of a Northwest Airlines Airbus A330 flying to Detroit from Amsterdam. The aircraft, which was painted in Delta’s livery ahead of the merger, was isolated back in Detroit and the attempted bomber was subdued and restrained onboard.

The attempted bomber was charged and later sentenced. In the wake of that attempt, airports and airlines continued to enhance security measures to reduce those risks. This included the spread of enhanced security procedures including full-body scanners. At the time of writing, it does not appear that the threat was substantiated.

United’s Boeing 787-10

United Airlines flies its Boeing 787-10s on plenty of routes. In addition to operating transcontinental flights between Newark and Los Angeles, the plane also is scheduled to fly out to some other European destinations including Paris, Dublin, Amsterdam, and even further to Tel Aviv and more.

United Airlines
United Airlines flies its Boeing 787-10s to destinations near and far. Photo: Getty Images

Onboard the 787-10s are the airline’s newest Polaris lie-flat business class. There are 44 seats in a 1-2-1 configuration, meaning direct aisle access for all passengers. Next up are 21 Premium Plus seats, which is United’s true international premium economy product, followed by 54 extra-legroom economy seats. Last up are 199 standard economy seats.

All passengers have access to on-demand seatback entertainment, power outlets, and USB ports. In addition, these planes offer WiFi onboard.

Were you onboard the flight? Did you witness the passenger evacuation in Newark? Let us know what you saw in the comments!