United Airlines Announces 6 New 787-10 European Destinations

United Airlines has announced that they intend to launch B787-10 flights to 6 destinations in Europe. The carrier’s new B787-10 aircraft which are currently in the process of being manufactured and delivered. While all of the new flights will operate from United’s Newark hub, they won’t begin until midway through 2019. In fact, According to United Airlines, the new aircraft will allow the airline to offer more seats between New York and Europe than any other airline.

On 5th November 2018, United Airlines became the first North American carrier to operate a 787-10.

Newark to Frankfurt

One of the first European flights to receive the B787-10 from United will be the Frankfurt route. Initially, the UA960 flight from Newark to Frankfurt will commence with the B787-10 from March 30th. The flight is currently operated using a B777 aircraft. In addition to the change in aircraft, the flight will be slightly retimed. The new times are as follows:

  • UA 960 will depart Newark at 1950, and arrive in Frankfurt at 0920 the next day.

Newark to Tel Aviv

Also on the 30th March, the route between Newark and Tel Aviv will receive the B787-10. UA 84 is another route currently operated by the B777. From March 30th 2019, the B787-10 will operate on the following schedule:

  • UA 84 will depart Newark at 1655, and arrive in Tel Aviv at 1015 the next day.

Newark to Paris

The next routes to be launched will commence on the 29th April 2019. This is as United Airlines will not receive all of their new aircraft at once. In contrast to the previous two flights, UA57 is currently operated by a B767. The new schedule will be:

  • UA 57 will depart Newark at 1840, arriving in Paris at 0745 the next day.
United B787-10
Boeing is currently in the process of building and delivering United’s B787-10 aircraft. Photo: Boeing

Newark to Barcelona

Again on the 29th of April, United Airlines will operate the B787-10 on its Barcelona route. This route is also currently operated using the B767. The B787-10 will operate as follows:

  • UA 120 will depart Newark at 1930, and arrive in Barcelona 0900 the next day.

Newark to Brussels

The final date currently given for B787-10 introduction is May 22nd 2019. On this day United Airlines will start operating the B787-10 on their final two European routes. The first will be between Newark and Brussels, a route currently operated by the B777:

  • UA 999 will depart Newark at 1830, arriving in Brussels at 0745 the next day.

Newark to Dublin

Finally, The last European route currently set to receive the B787-10 is the Newark – Dublin Route. From 22nd May the B787-10 will replace the B777. The flight is scheduled as follows:

  • UA 23 will depart Newark at 1925, arriving in Dublin at 0705 the next day.
United B787-10
Each of the routes that will be operated by United’s B787-10.

All Night Flights

All of the new B787-10 flight operate overnight. The B787-10 for United Airlines includes 44 Polaris business class seats. In fact, United is hoping to capitalise on this. A lie-flat bed is much more attractive on a night flight than during the day. Additionally, 54 Economy Plus seats and 199 standard Economy seats are also offered onboard the B787-10. From the 3rd of December, passengers will be able to purchase tickets for the B787-10 flights.

United B787-10
United will offer 44 Polaris seats aboard the B787-10. Photo: United

Patrick Quayle, United’s Vice President of International Network, told a United press release: “United is proud to offer more seats between New York and Europe than any other carrier and our Boeing 787-10 aircraft based in New York/Newark will enable us to connect even more New York City customers to Europe and beyond. We are thrilled to announce six international cities that will be served with this aircraft and we look forward to offering our customers all of the comforts and services of our most advanced aircraft.”

Are you excited to try out the new B787-10 on these routes? Additionally, do you think United Airlines has picked the right routes for the B787-10? Let us know in the comments down below!